Friday, 1 April 2016

My First Post

Hello there,
My name is Fiona, and welcome to my first post on Life Of An Irish Wife.

I've been discussing for the past few months now whether or not to set up somewhere for me to document the ins and outs of my life, but it's come to a head now where there's really nothing stopping me - I've recently got married to Shane, my new husband, who I'm sure you'll see featured, we can finally start working on our house, and I hit my weightloss goal. There's really nothing left now to distract me.

I will be featuring our journey as we attempt to turn our house into our forever home. We bought our house last year, but put off doing any major work on it (besides replumbing the entire building - that was a necessity though), and with our wedding taking place last month, we can finally turn our attention to the work that needs to be done. Each room in our house will be undertaking some form of work, and I will be documenting the before and after pictures right here.

I'll be going through parts of our wedding that we managed to work on ourselves. As we had just bought our new house, we didn't exactly have buckets of money to be throwing at our wedding. However, that didn't stop us having the perfect day that we wanted, and most of it on a budget. I'll be going through the different things that we made that helped contribute to our day, and I'll be sharing where I got my inspirations from, as well as showing some of the pictures from the big day.

I've already been documenting part of my weightloss on my instagram account (@fionamknight), and I recently hit my target goal of ten stone loss for our wedding day. I'm still on the fence whether I should lower my target or not, but for now I've decided to try and enjoy newly married life as much as I can, and not worry about it too much. I'll be posting some of my favourite meals that helped me to get to target, trialling more as I get to grips with hitting target, and also trying some not so healthy dishes, just for fun.

We've decided this year to try and spend our weekends out of our house, and doing something new, whether it's going walking, visiting different places around Ireland, or something as simple as trying a new restaraunt. I'll be posting up some of the places we go to and things we do over these weekends, and hopefully providing some reviews and tips for others too.

I do promise to post as much as I can, and to try and make it somewhat interesting if you're reading along.

Fiona x

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