Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Makeover: Large Spare Bedroom

We purchased our house in August 2014, knowing that we would have a lot of work to do on it to bring it up to our standards, and to our tastes. Unfortunately, saving for our wedding took over, and we managed to just do the bare amount of work on the house to make it livable knowing that when the wedding was over we'd be able to turn our full attention to it. We got the whole house re-plumbed, put down wooden flooring in all bedrooms, hallway and sitting room, tiled bathroom and kitchen, and painted all walls. It was enough to allow us to move in from Shane's Mum and Dad's house where we had been staying while saving for the house, but not enough that we were happy with it.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Wedding: Cinema Engagement Shoot

As mentioned previously, I'll be sharing some pictures and ideas from our wedding over the next while. Although I don't have pictures from our engagement, I do have some from our engagement shoot, and it might help to at least give you an idea of what we wanted our wedding to be like.

Myself and Shane met just over five and a half years ago in a pub called Lils in Kildare. Shane and his friend were out for Shane’s birthday, and we began talking about a notoriously strong drink that the pub served. Fast forward to three and a half years later, and Shane proposed while away on our anniversary in Co. Cork. We always go to Cork on our anniversary - it's just become tradition, and Shane booked the nicest hotel for us to stay in, with the most stunning views over the city - The Ambassador Hotel on Military Hill. The hotel is a red-bricked Victorian building, and has the nicest views from the balcony if you're lucky enough to get a front facing room.