Monday, 23 May 2016

Wedding: Cinema Engagement Shoot

As mentioned previously, I'll be sharing some pictures and ideas from our wedding over the next while. Although I don't have pictures from our engagement, I do have some from our engagement shoot, and it might help to at least give you an idea of what we wanted our wedding to be like.

Myself and Shane met just over five and a half years ago in a pub called Lils in Kildare. Shane and his friend were out for Shane’s birthday, and we began talking about a notoriously strong drink that the pub served. Fast forward to three and a half years later, and Shane proposed while away on our anniversary in Co. Cork. We always go to Cork on our anniversary - it's just become tradition, and Shane booked the nicest hotel for us to stay in, with the most stunning views over the city - The Ambassador Hotel on Military Hill. The hotel is a red-bricked Victorian building, and has the nicest views from the balcony if you're lucky enough to get a front facing room.

Planning our wedding was something I just loved. I started my pinterest boards, started following various wedding blogs and websites, and bought myself copious amounts of wedding magazines.

However, when it came to photographers, I initially struggled with the idea of being followed around by someone with a camera all day. For a long time before our engagement I did not like photos being taken of me – especially full length ones. I was very conscious of my weight, especially standing beside Shane who is tall and slim, and it really left us in a bind thinking about photos being taken on the day. We even discussed the possibility of a completely unplugged wedding – not just our guests not taking pictures, but no photographers either. Obviously, this upset us both as we would have no physical memories of our day, but at the time I felt it was the only option for how I felt. About a year and a half before our wedding day, (we decided to have a long engagement) I signed up for a local slimming class, and never looked back. On my wedding day, I weighed in 143 pounds (72 kg) lighter than I had been on the first day I weighed in. Not only that, but we had two photographers and a videographer on the day. A major difference from where we first started out!

I found Olga from Mrs Redhead Photography online, and after looking through her website, her blog and her Facebook page, I was so intrigued by her work that we called her to set up a meeting. From the start, Olga went above and beyond for our day. We decided to do an engagement shoot (which I would advise all couple to do if possible), and spent one early Saturday morning in a cinema in Limerick. It was such a blast, and really prepared us for the pictures on the wedding day. 

The idea behind doing our pictures in the cinema was something we had talked about for a while - we're big cinema goers, had our first date in the cinema, and it just was something we could connect with. Also, we didn't exactly see ourselves frolicking through a field or a forest in Ireland in mid-November!

We had initially been so worried about how the pictures would turn out, but you can really see how we became more comfortable as time went on during the shoot. A huge thank you to Olga, who was so reassuring from the start of the day to the end, and to Odeon Cinema in Limerick for allowing us the use of the screen for a few hours (and also for the popcorn, which was used for props!)

Fiona x

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