Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Makeover: Large Spare Bedroom

We purchased our house in August 2014, knowing that we would have a lot of work to do on it to bring it up to our standards, and to our tastes. Unfortunately, saving for our wedding took over, and we managed to just do the bare amount of work on the house to make it livable knowing that when the wedding was over we'd be able to turn our full attention to it. We got the whole house re-plumbed, put down wooden flooring in all bedrooms, hallway and sitting room, tiled bathroom and kitchen, and painted all walls. It was enough to allow us to move in from Shane's Mum and Dad's house where we had been staying while saving for the house, but not enough that we were happy with it.

This year, we decided to tackle the bigger of the spare bedrooms first, as it was the room with the least amount of stuff that needed to be moved.

We knocked down the stud work on the two outside walls, put up insulation boards, and re-plastered the entire room, including the ceiling which had a stippled effect (which I personally hate, and which is on every ceiling in the house!).

Once the walls were plastered and dried, the hardest job of all fell to me - picking a colour for the walls! I must have driven Shane crazy with all the sample pots I picked up, but in the end it was worth it.

 I knew I wanted a timeless colour, something that would brighten up and warm the room, and we found it in the Dulux range. I actually loved it so much that we've decided to paint the rest of the bedroom and hallway the same colour, and then differentiate the rooms with accent colours.

I love ceiling roses so we picked up a small Georgian style one from Woodies, which Shane screwed to the ceiling, and I added in our first accessory - a grey lampshade.

I purchased a set of bedroom furniture off a friend who was redecorating her house - it came from a spare room, and looked like it hadn't been used, so it would do perfectly for our spare room.
The only issue for me was the colour of the furniture - that orange pine look - so I popped into our nearest Farrow and Ball Stockist, and picked up some cans of Elephant's Breath No.229.

What a difference it made! We sanded down the bedside lockers, the wardrobe, the open shelving unit for shoes that Shane made for me and some hanging squares, and painted them all in the colour - it just looked so luxurious.

This was my first time using Farrow and Ball, and I can definitely see what the fuss is about!



We decided not to paint the bed in the same colour as we thought it might be slightly overkill, so we sanded it down (painful, painful job) and Shane used the same dark wood stain which he had used for the window board to tie it in together. 

Bed before:

Bed After:

Curtains and bed linen from the range at Homestore and More, and our first room is pretty much set.

I'm sure I'll add more accessories to it over time, but for now we're delighted with with our first attempt at house renovating. We've had our first visitors stay over in the spare room at the weekend and I'm delighted to report that both sets of friends were very impressed with the room, and commented on the comfortability of the bed! Yay! Roll on the next room!

Fiona x

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