Monday, 3 October 2016

Exploring: Emma Bridgewater Factory Shop

Last weekend, myself and Shane headed over with two friends to Derby in England as part of Slimming World Woman of the Year Semi Finals.

Our friends who came with us had lived in the area for a number of years and they said they'd come with us to give me some moral support, to check back in on their friends in the area and to show us around.

I knew there was only one place I really wanted to visit, and that was the Emma Bridgewater Factory Shop in Stock-On-Trent. We rented a car at the airport, and we made that our first stop of the day.

When we arrived near the factory shop, we were a bit confused with the directions we received from Google maps - it first brought us to a furniture store, before we realised that it was about 200m further up the road. The shop itself is set amongst what looks to be abandoned buildings, but as you walk up to the front door of it, it opens up into a lovely courtyard with the entrances to the shop, the cafe and the studio all found here.

We walked through the shop itself first, and they really had such nice pieces on display. The seconds section is where we ended up, and I may have purchased two pieces, both with their (non-existent) flaws marked on them with black washable marker.

Shane had meanwhile found the garden, and we looked outside for a quick peek before it started raining a little.

We would have loved to have spent more time at the factory shop. I think if we were to go back, I'd like to book into one of the pottery making sessions which they hold, but unfortunately we were pressed for time.

In the meanwhile, I'll just have my pieces purchased on the day to remind me of our visit.


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