Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Makeover: Kitchen Table Upcyle

When we originally moved into our house, we found ourselves faced with our next problems - furnishings. As a couple who had spent the majority of their savings on the purchasing of the house, and with an upcoming wedding to plan and finance we had to really look outside the box when it came to acquiring and buying furniture for the house.

We turned to some of the buy and sell groups online, Ebay, Adverts.ie etc but eventually found a table and chairs which we knew would suit our needs best on DoneDeal. I always knew I would want to have a table big enough to have friends over, to host dinner without everyone being too cramped, and not only did this table comfortably fit the six chairs that came with it around it, but it also came at the bargain price of $60 - we just couldn't go wrong.

The table definitely suited its purpose for the first year while we lived in the house, but as we started upgrading more around the house, we eventually thought of the table. I thought about getting rid of it altogether, buy a new one as it would be an investment piece and I started gathering ideas on Pinterest on what I wanted our new table and chairs to look like. They all did seems very similar, in an old farmhouse, shabby chic style and when I showed my mood board to Shane, I couldn't believe it when he said he could try and turn our current table into that style.

He measured out the table, and bought lengths of thick timber from our local Woodies. These were screwed on to the top of the table from underneath, so you couldn't be able to see the screws.

 He then stained the table to give it that dark wood look. Although I did love the look after the first and second coat, because our window boards in the dining area are dark wood we wanted to have a little bit of continuity with the colours.

Stain 1:

Stain 2:

Stain 3:

He then primed the bottom of the table with an undercoat from Farrow & Ball, and added two coats of Dove Grey from the same range once it was dry.

I had thought that if he could manage to change up the look of the table, then we could definitely invest in new chairs - I mean, those cushions, I hated them!

But Shane convinced me that all we'd need to do was upcycle them too with paint, and with new fabric on top and he was 100% right. We bought the fabric from a local fabric shop at E10 for 2 meters, which Shane attached to the seats using a nail gun, and then we primed and painted the chairs in the same colours at the underside and legs of the table.

I can't get over the difference between what the table was before, and what it is now. I'm just glad that we didn't waste our money buying a new table because for under E100 and a big of graft (mainly from Shane, to be fair) it looks like we did!

And it even got the seal of approval from Rumple!

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