Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Recap: Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!

We've had quite an exciting past few days celebrating Halloween. Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of this time of year - I don't tend to get dressed up, we never really decorate and I detest horror movies (to be frank, I'm terrified of them, give me a good old rom-com or marvel movie anyday)! But, it is Shane's favourite time of year, he loves Halloween so much and since he always accommodates me and my love for Christmas I figured I'd return the favour, and try and embrace the Halloween spirit as much as a could.

I started off my trying to incorporate some decorations around the house.

Now, I'm not a fan of the paper decorations you can find in most euro stores, but I did manage to find some pumpkins in our local TK Maxx, and with this assortment of fake pumpkins along with real ones, it really did seem to change up the house.

I'm going to try to add to my pumpkin collection each year, and also make a conscious effort to try and source more decorations in order to have a stockpile to fall back on each year.

In work, the Halloween spirit was in full swing. We held our annual Witches Walk with all the children dressed up through the village, and I even dressed up this year. I've always held back on dressing up over the years, not wanting to draw attention to my size, but this year was obviously much different - and I really enjoyed it. it's so much fun to see passers-by do double takes as they're driving, and the children get such a thrill when people beep as they're passing.

Once we got our holidays from school, I headed home for a quick visit with Shane on the first weekend. We headed up to the local forestry, and did a walk around it. The weather was so mild that it didn't actually feel like October at all!

There was a Halloween fair held in Kildare Town on the 30th, so we said we'd pop into it when our friend Rusty came home from Sweden where he's now living. We were a little bit disappointed in the offerings there, but managed to pick up a few bits and pieces from local crafters and bakers.

Pumpkins carved by the children in the local school.

Couldn't leave this chocolate lollipop behind!

My favourite house in Kildare Town!

We were at a loss for what to do following the craft fair, as we thought there would be a lot more stands for us to wander around, so we decided to head on over to Moore Abbey Woods for a walk.
Rusty is a keen photographer so we thought he'd love the walks there as they're so photogenic.
We actually ended up messing around in almost a mini photo shoot.

It was so much fun. The woods were starting to get dark, and the photos that we took turned out so good in the light. I used to hate having my photo taken, but because we were just having fun with it, I relaxed and enjoyed it, and now have so many nice photos of me and Shane as a result.

When we got home that evening, my little brother arrived up for the night on the bus, and we started what will hopefully be the first of many pumpkin carving challenges. While I got ready to go out for later on that night, the boys got to decorating and carving - I think they did such a good job!

We headed out later that night, in full fancy dress, although Shane's costume did put the rest of ours to shame.

I'm already looking forward to next Halloween now, I'm hoping that by then the house will have even more done to it, and we might even be able to host our own Halloween soiree! Shane will be thrilled!


Special thanks to Rusty for some of the pictures in this post. You can find him on instagram

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