Sunday, 29 January 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #4

What a gorgeous start to the week we had - Monday seems to just bring a good stretch to the evening with it. I didn't have as many badminton matches this week, so it meant that I had the time to get back out with the running. I actually can't believe how much I had missed it, and it just seemed to be getting easier with the milder weather.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Makeover: Kitchen Tiles Upcycle

Just a few weeks ago, I got a notion in my head that wouldn't wait any longer - I was going to upcycle our current kitchen. It's been a real eye sore since we moved in, and while I was hoping to get a new kitchen put in in its place, we've been set back in our plans over the removal of a wall which brings with it a whole new slew of problems. We're hoping that we'll be able to move ahead with our plans in the next year or so, but until then, I just couldn't look at the room the way it was any longer.
I decided to start my upcycling by painting the outdated kitchen tiles, and changing them to a much brighter colour which I hoped would help to put our stamp on the room.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Recipe: Hifi Tartlets

This is such a quick and easy breakfast or even dessert idea for anyone who's in a hurry. I have a particular sweet tooth, so I don't mind eating these early on in the day, but for those who prefer a savoury start to their morning, prehaps keep this idea for an after dinner treat! 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #3

Happy Sunday! Another week down, and this one really did just fly by.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Exploring: Russbourough House

Back around the start of January, friends of ours came back to Ireland for the New Year from Sweden. We meet up every time they're back over, and have been threatening solidly for two years to make the trip over to them, so hopefully this is the year that it happens! As we were both still on our holidays, we decided to take them out for the day, rather than just meeting for dinner and drinks which is what normally happens when we're working all day. Both Rusty and Emma are into photography, so I tried to think of some places that they might not have been before, but could explore, and get some decent pictures at the same time. We had been to Russborough House a few times before over various Summers, but never during the colder months, so we set off to see what the place would be like.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Recipe: Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Most of my family and friends know that I’ve developed a real interest in baking and cooking over the past year or so. I find it quite relaxing, it distracts me from all the work that has still to be done in our house, and it’s so satisfying to get the end result of something you have worked on turning out smelling and tasting nice. As a result of my new hobby, I received a number of cookbooks over the Christmas holidays, but also a very exciting package from my sister which contained the pre-made mix from a company called The Mason Jar Cookie Company. 

The mix I received was for red velvet and white chocolate chip cupcakes. I wanted as long as I could before giving it a go – I was so excited to try it because red velvet is one of my favourite flavours of cake (so much so that it was the flavour of one of our wedding cake tiers), but also I needed to make sure that I would be able to share it with enough people as otherwise I’d eat the entire batch of buns! 

Normally, when I do a sweet treats bake, I do it on a Sunday so I can bring it into work on the Monday and share it with the people I work with, but they’re all still on their health buzz for January at the moment, and I didn’t want to see them going to waste, especially if they would taste as nice as I thought they would.
Luckily, I had an upcoming badminton match, and as we were the home team hosting we all had to bring some form of refreshments for both teams to enjoy after the games. It was the perfect opportunity for them to be ate (and hopefully enjoyed) so I gave it a whirl.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Recipe: Best Roast Potatoes

I found this recipe in one of the older Slimming World magazines, and if I'm honest, over the years I've definitely had my share of roast potatoes, and these were definitely up there with the best of them.

I've seen plenty of recipes that call for Oxo cubes, and leaving them for hours in the oven to get that crispiness on the outside, but with this method all you'll need are a few simple ingredients and a good appetite ready!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #2

Well, it's definitely been back to normality with a bang this week! School started back, so I was kept going with settling back into a daily routine. We didn't get to do much exciting things this week because of that, but I still managed to pick out a few things of note to talk about.

I'm definitely feeling a travel buzz this January because we've just booked a weekend getaway to Amsterdam in the next few weeks. We're going to be heading with friends of ours who will be travelling from Sweden and we're all going to meet there for a fun few days and nights. The countdown is only a short one, so it should fly around. I'm most excited about this because the last time we were there would have been when I was at my heaviest weight, so to be able to experience the city and actually be able to have the energy to do what we want and go where we want to go is just so thrilling.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #1

Week 1 of 52 is now officially over, and over with a bang because I'm back into work tomorrow. I still tried to cram as much as I could into that second week of the holidays, starting with actually putting this website out live. I know that I've been posting to it for quite a while with only a few people knowing about it, but with the new year I decided if I was ever going to take the plunge I may as well do it now. So, on Monday, myself and Shane headed off to Naas where I bought a computer, and ensured there was no turning back.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Recipe: Indy's Blueberry Banana Bread

Every so often in work, we get a company who drops in books that they are selling at a discounted price. Because of this company, my collection of cookbooks has been growing massivly over the past year. I've been finding cooking and testing new recipes so therapeutic, and it's even better when they turn out to taste nice too!

This recipe is taken from Indy Power's book The Little Green Spoon, named after her blog. I adapted it a little from her recipe to make blueberry banana buns rather than bread, but the idea is still the same.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Recipe: Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Bake

My mother used to make the most amazing version of this dish, using mushroom soup as the sauce, and without pasta. I've tweaked it a little but this is my take on her chicken and broccoli bake.