Saturday, 28 January 2017

Makeover: Kitchen Tiles Upcycle

Just a few weeks ago, I got a notion in my head that wouldn't wait any longer - I was going to upcycle our current kitchen. It's been a real eye sore since we moved in, and while I was hoping to get a new kitchen put in in its place, we've been set back in our plans over the removal of a wall which brings with it a whole new slew of problems. We're hoping that we'll be able to move ahead with our plans in the next year or so, but until then, I just couldn't look at the room the way it was any longer.
I decided to start my upcycling by painting the outdated kitchen tiles, and changing them to a much brighter colour which I hoped would help to put our stamp on the room.

I'm going to go through the process by showing you a selection of photos taken before, during and after the process. Keep in mind this was very much a wish-for-the-best project, as although I'd upcycled furniture before, tiles were definitely a new one!


I used sugar soup to clean the tiles as best I could, and then applied what I have found to be one of the best primers going - E. S. P. We've used it on all our painting projects to date, and I've never seen any issues with it.

The colour I went with on the tiles was Dove Gray from Farrow and Ball. Not only was it a handy choice, in that I had some left over from my walk in wardrobe project, it was such a neutral and bright colour, I felt it would be an easy colour to work with when picking a colour for the cabinets at a later date.

Although initially I said I'd leave the grout paint free, and go back over any mishaps with a grout pen, I actually ended up painting the entire first section (including grout) and liked the look of it. I think because the colour on the tiles is such a bright colour itself, it's not missed as much - this plan might not have worked on a darker colour of tiles.

These pipes have been on display since we moved in, so Shane used some MDF to build a box to cover and hide them, and I painted it in the same colour to tie it in.

We used adhesive laminate to create the illusion of a new countertop. The old countertop seemed to absorb light, and while the laminate is not a permanent solution, for the time being it will hopefully fulfill its purpose.


I think you can really see such a difference in the room already. The tiles have been given a new lease of life, and with the addition of the countertop laminate the room is been dragged into a more modern era. 

After the tiles were painted, I moved on to my next project of the month - upcycling the kitchen cabinets. I'll be posting up pictures of that transformation very shortly, so if you enjoyed this one, keep an eye out.


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