Sunday, 8 January 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #1

Week 1 of 52 is now officially over, and over with a bang because I'm back into work tomorrow. I still tried to cram as much as I could into that second week of the holidays, starting with actually putting this website out live. I know that I've been posting to it for quite a while with only a few people knowing about it, but with the new year I decided if I was ever going to take the plunge I may as well do it now. So, on Monday, myself and Shane headed off to Naas where I bought a computer, and ensured there was no turning back.

For anyone who's wondering about what brought this website on, it's something that we've talked about for quite a while. Last year, I managed to reach my weight loss goal, we had our wedding and I suppose, it left quite a big void in my life for what to do with myself. It was Shane who suggested that I start documenting things as we went along with the house, and people have been asking me for recipes and tips in my group and online, and I wanted to be able to look back at the fun things that we do together and from this the website was born. It will be a mash up of lots of things, but hopefully will be somewhat fun to read, and if nothing else will be an online photo diary of sorts for me!
I'm hoping to start off by having a weekly post with a rundown of some of the things we get up to over the weeks. Obviously, some weeks will be more action packed than others, but it should be a fun challenge for the year.

First things first, we finally booked our honeymoon this week! We put off having a honeymoon while we were renovating thehouse, having a minimoon in London the week after the wedding, but we didn't want to put it off any longer. That means that this Summer, we will be heading off to Italy - I'm already looking at swimsuits, and thinking about pizza and pasta.

We went to the cinema on Monday night with Shane's brother, Uncle and cousin (I was very outnumbered) to see the new Assassin's Creed movie. I really enjoyed it, (might have had something to do with Michael Fassbender), but the guys weren't overly impressed as they didn't think it was much like the original story.

I got my nails done - changed from the red I had over the Christmas break to a pale pink for the Spring.

Shane went back to work after the Christmas, so I headed down to my Mum and Dad's for a flying visit.

I stopped into The Range in Limerick afterwards as we don't have it up by us and was very much impressed by what they had to offer. I could have spent all day in there, and definitely spent all of my money! I also went couch shopping in DFS, and I have my eye on two different models for our sitting room, which I'm getting excited about furnishing - work starts on it Monday week!

I started and completed my wardrove detox for the new year. Since starting to lose weight, it's been quite nice to see the clothes that I'm wearing going down in size, but it also means that I have to do regular clean outs of my wardrobe.

 I headed to Ikea in Dublin to but some boxes for decluttering, and also bought some lovely boxes (and maybe some lamps for over our kitchen table!) to store our Christmas decorations (which we've now cleared all away).

On Friday, I decided to make use of my day off and the many, many recipe books that I've amassed over the past year, and I made a version of the blueberry banana bread from Indy Power's book "The Little Green Spoon". You can find a more detailed rundown of how I made them here.

On Saturday, we went on a visit to Russborough House with friends. They have an interest in photography so I thought it would be a great place for them to see - I'll have a full rundown of the day and the area up later on during the week!
We finished up with dinner at Il Ponte Nuovo in Newbridge (starting early with practicing eating for Italy!) before we headed over to a birthday party for one of Shane's cousins.

Whew! Looking back over it we packed in a good bit this week. Next week should be quieter, we're both back to school but that just means the countdown to our sitting room being back is closer and closer! I can't wait!


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