Sunday, 15 January 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #2

Well, it's definitely been back to normality with a bang this week! School started back, so I was kept going with settling back into a daily routine. We didn't get to do much exciting things this week because of that, but I still managed to pick out a few things of note to talk about.

I'm definitely feeling a travel buzz this January because we've just booked a weekend getaway to Amsterdam in the next few weeks. We're going to be heading with friends of ours who will be travelling from Sweden and we're all going to meet there for a fun few days and nights. The countdown is only a short one, so it should fly around. I'm most excited about this because the last time we were there would have been when I was at my heaviest weight, so to be able to experience the city and actually be able to have the energy to do what we want and go where we want to go is just so thrilling.

I had plenty of badminton training and matches last week, and I'm also trying my hand at the couch to 5k - we're hoping to be able to run a 5k in March so may keep up the practice. Shane's promised to take me running on our roads for extra practice when he gets the time, but right now, I'm confined to GAA pitch in Athy with the track around it.

{such blue skies this week}

 {Some of the flowers from our garden coming out early this year.}

Shane's back kept him out of action over the weekend, he was finding it hard to stay standing and moving so we kept the excursions to a minimum. We did head up to Dublin where we purchased our new couches for the sitting room - we decided on a 2-seater and a 3-seater from DFS, just to allow more room on one side of the room, and we picked the Woodlea model. It's going to be delivered in about five weeks so it should give us time to reinsulate, replaster and paint the entire room.
We also stopped into IKEA while we were looking around. I want to put a large shelving area at the back of the sitting room, with closed shelves on the bottom, and open shelving on the top. Shane will be able to build the top half himself, so we looked at ready made lower pieces, which we're hoping to sand and stain with a dark wood colour. I smell a project coming!

 {Blue skies in Dublin}
 {The 3-seater from the Woodlea range - we've ordered ours in the colour Oyster.}

As Shane was out of action, and we couldn't go anywhere exciting, I decided to do a little bit of upcycling in the kitchen. Anyone who has talked to me about our house, or has been in our house knows how much I hate our kitchen, so over the Saturday and Sunday I decided to try and change a little bit of that - starting with the tiles. The tiles are quite old-fashioned and dated, and no matter how much I clean them, they still look like there's still an untidyness to them by the end.
I used sugar soap to clean them down, applied primer and used the Dove Gray from the Farrow and Ball range that was leftover from our kitchen table upcycle project to paint over the original tiles. Such a difference to the room already, and we used a laminate covering over the worktop to bring it back to life.



I'm hoping to tackle the cupboards over the next few weeks, but I already know they will be a huge job as there's so many of them so I'm going to have to make sure I have the time set aside for them.

In the meantime, I'm going to be pre-occupied with our sitting room - the stove is been delivered and fitted tomorrow, and I cannot wait. It's been so many months, I'm just looking forward so much to having that room back.

I'll also pop up a recipe during the week for these *heart eyes* red velvet and white chocolate cupcakes.  I had to make them for the afters of a badminton match on Monday, and hopefully they last in the house until then.


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