Sunday, 22 January 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #3

Happy Sunday! Another week down, and this one really did just fly by.

Monday started off with those glorious of sounds - drilling! We finally broke ground or wall as the case may be on getting the stove put into our sitting room. We've been planning this room renovation for the past few months, so I'll make sure to do a complete post on it when it's all complete. In the meantime, here are some before, during and after shots to show you what exactly was needed to be done.



I've had lots of badminton matches on this week, four to be exact. I used to play when I was a teenager, and since losing weight, I've re-discovered my love for the game. It helps to be able to move around the court.

I trialed another red velvet and white chocolate chip cupcake recipe, to see would it turn out the same as the one using the Mason Jar Cookie Company one would. You can find that post by clicking here.

We (I) decided to tackle the kitchen over the weekend - we already know what we want to do with the existing kitchen, but unfortunately it involves removing a supporting wall so at the moment that's just not feasible in our budget. We're hoping to remodel over the next year or so, but on Friday I decided that I just couldn't take another weekend of looking at all the different shades of woods, and I popped into our local Farrow and Ball stockists to pick up a colour to paint the cabinets with. I'm so pleased with the progress so far, it already feels more like "our" kitchen, and just seems to have so much more of a light to it.

Sunny evenings were back.

Date night on Saturday was the best - a no technology allowed meal, 
with my favourites - pick and mix for dessert when we got home.

I moved our bedroom furniture around - there just seems to be so much more light coming into the room now, although maybe it's just the time of the year.

We went on a little walk over to one of my favourite places this morning, Emo Court. It was such a gorgeous day, cold but with the bluest sky! I got such gorgeous pictures there I'm actually going to do a post on Emo Court during the week. It really is one of the most stunning places to visit around where we live.

{Testing out my new Joules wellingtons - how cute are they?} 


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