Sunday, 29 January 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #4

What a gorgeous start to the week we had - Monday seems to just bring a good stretch to the evening with it. I didn't have as many badminton matches this week, so it meant that I had the time to get back out with the running. I actually can't believe how much I had missed it, and it just seemed to be getting easier with the milder weather.

 {Just look at that blue sky!}

We have fire! The first fire was lit in our log burner, so now all that's left to do is to wait for the plasterer to come and insulate and plaster the ceilings and walls so we can paint the room, and move our furniture back in. I'm so excited that we can finally see progress.

Perks of working in a school on an army base - the passing out ceremony of the newest recruits in the Irish Army took place this week, and we got to see it. It was my first time getting to see the parade, and it really was amazing to see it, how in time they all were with each other being led by the army band, and all perfectly uniformed.

Baked some Nutella cookies for the class I was supervising as part of their Friday treat - normally add some sea salt to the top of these, but figured with the age group that were going to be eating them, I'd leave it off - and the gamble paid off, they were demolished!

Visited one of my newest finds this year during the week in order to pick up some fabric for a project for the kitchen. Can you tell the colour palette I'm aiming for?

We went to the cinema on Friday night to see the newest offering from Vin Diesel. It was boys choice as we went with Shane's brother and Uncle, but I think even they regretted it by the end. We did laugh at lots of the film, although I'm not sure that was the reaction they were looking for when they were filming, I got pick and mix out of the deal, so I was happy - and we even worked off our cinema treats with some badminton practice once the film had ended.

Sleeping in on a Saturday after a manic week - is there anything better? Rumple doesn't think so!

This was the week the kitchen upcycle was completed (at least most of it!) Tiles and cabinets were scrubbed within an inch of their lives, and primed and painted to give them a new lease of life. Details of the upcyle can be found here.

I've been loving having what is essentially a brand new kitchen to me, and I've been cooking and baking up a storm this week which Shane has been delighted with, but my waistband has not!

{Batch cooking on a Saturday}

{Indulgent chocolate chip brownies - recipe to follow}

Best thing about this week is that we're getting so much closer to next weekend - next weeks post will probably be a day or two late since we'll be flying back in late on the Sunday night, but I'm hoping that I'll get so many nice pictures from Amsterdam that'll it'll be forgiven.

Have a lovely week,

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