Friday, 17 February 2017

Exploring: Millennium Cross, Portroe

I mentioned briefly in one of my posts how recently I had gone with a friend, and walked the route up to Millennium Cross in Portroe, Co. Tipperary. I had shared two or three pictures as I didn't want to overload the post, but I had so many great ones that I could have used that I decided to do a post just on the walk itself to show you just how beautiful it is.

For starters, the walk itself isn't very hard or long, we were up and down in about an hour, although if it was a less windy day and you had a picnic with you, you could spend a lot longer up there. The hardest thing we found about it was parking our car. The only other time I'd walked up here, there had been a carpark at the foot of the walk, with enough room for about ten cars. This time, it looks like the car park had been filled in (maybe they're planning to do some work on it or expand it), but it left us in quite a tight spot on a very narrow country road. Luckily, a young lad on a horse appeared at the top of the road (our knight on a horse to the rescue we joked!) and said we'd could park in the space in front of his house up the road. He told us he "couldn't leave two angels like ourselves stuck" - the charmer!

From our precarious new parking space we made our way up the path. Although it doesn't get steeper until the end of the walk, I'd be reluctant about bringing a buggy / pram along as some parts of the way are a little uneven.

{Catching glimpses of Lough Derg even from the start}

 {The cross in the distance}

The start of the tougher part of the climb. There's an easy and a harder route which you can take, depending on how good your shoes are! We were both wearing ordinary runners, so said we'd stick to the normal route, although I do think there's something really pretty about the harder route with all the stones and rocks.

Once you reach the top, you're treated to the most gorgeous views of Lough Derg. We met no other people on our walk, quite a different story to the first time we walked it when it was the height of Summer and packed.

{Delighted with ourselves that we managed it!} 

You can see the new cross that was erected to celebrate the Millennium, and also the remnants of the original cross from 1932.

{A little bit windswept!!}

Although it was a breezy day, the walk kept us warm (ish!). Something a little bit different to do on a Saturday morning, and those views definitely made it worth while!


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