Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Recipe: One Dish Garlic and Thyme Chicken Dinner

This is a recipe that really has become such a fall back dinner for us - I nearly always have chicken in the freezer which can be defrosted for use, and it works well with nearly any sort of vegetable you might have lying around the fridge / freezer. I also happen to have a real soft spot for roasted veggies - I think that roasting them just makes them taste so much nicer than if you were simply boiling them. I think it's the charred edges to them that makes this meal so much nicer than what you would expect it to be.

Good quality chicken breasts ( I tend to use one per person, unless we're feeling very hungry in which case it's two)
Potatoes - 2-3 medium size per person, peeled and washed
Variety of vegetables; I tend to use baby carrots, broccoli and brussels sprouts, although I've also added in butternut squash, courgette and sweet potato before. Try to pick vegetables that are all cut around the same size, which will help with the cooking time.
Sprigs of Thyme
3 shallots
2 -  3 garlic cloves, whole

Preheat oven to 180. Spray a medium / large size baking dish with frylight, and add your potatoes and your chicken to the dish. Spray the top of these with frylight again, and roast in the oven for around twenty minutes or until potatoes are showing signs of browning.

Add your shallots, garlic and thyme around the potatoes, and mix gently. Turn the potatoes so they will be browned on both sides.
Add in the vegetables that are to be roasted in the center of the dish, and spray them with frylight,
Return the dish to the oven, and bake for a further twenty minutes or until all are sufficiently roasted.

All that's left to do is to plate up!

The best thing about the recipe, (aside from the lovely taste of it all) is the lack of cleaning up you will have - everything is cooked in the one dish, so apart from your plates, which you might have licked clean anyway, this will be the only thing to wash. Another reason why we keep coming back to it!

Hope you enjoy if you try,

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