Monday, 13 February 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #6

Unfortunately, last week, I've been a little bit under the weather. We've been so busy renovating at the moment, and with work, the house, badminton, trying to have a small bit of a social life and our recent trip to Amsterdam (which you can catch up with here), I think I just managed to tire myself out a but too much. Burning the candle at both ends so to speak.

I ended up, after two fairly shaky days, going to my doctor on Wednesday where he told me I had both conjunctivitis and a chest infection - never let it be said that I do things by halves! Needless to say, taking photos of my week went to the back of my mind, and realistically there wasn't much I was up to as a result, so this post will be short and sweet.

It started off as cold week, but with plenty of sunlight coming into our kitchen. Since we've done it up, it just seems so much brighter all the time.

I finally managed to get some frames up in my office. I picked up some prints in the Van Gogh Museum, and with some frames I've had for ages from Ikea it's starting to look even more personalised. I'm hoping to add to it more as time goes on, but it's a start. I'm also working on a post detailing my office renovation, so keep your eyes peeled - it should be up in the next week or so.

We're nearing the end of our sitting room renovation. The plasterer came this week, and although I don't want to spoil too much of the process before I get a complete post up on it, here's a sneak peak of the work done this week.

As the plasterer was here, I decided to make him a few treats, something for him to enjoy on his break - I made what's become my go to sweet treat recipe, chocolate chip brownies and I used a scone mix from Aldi which I had spotted and just had to see how they'd turn out - not too bad by all accounts!

I made Nigella Lawson's Nutella Brownies, just to try out something new. Anything with nutella works for us - I'll pop the full recipe and method up soon!

I trialled a plum crumble recipe too - I'd seen someone trying it on Instagram so I said I'd give it a bash. I used my Le Creuset Heart Dishes to help me get in the mood for Valentine!

Feeling much better on Saturday, we headed down to Tipperary as Shane was helping out friends with some electrics in their house. While the boys worked, we played - or at least, walked. We walked the route up to the Mellenium Cross in Portroe, where the views from the top are simply beautiful.

{Just a little windswept!}

To reward ourselves after our walk, we headed into Limerick where I put my purse throughh it's paces in The Range. We don't have a store near us, so as we were down that direction, I stocked up on bits and pieces for, what will be, our utility room. Shane was saying a silent thank you that we don't have one near us - I'd possibly never leave!

 {Rumple enjoying the light from our new bedside lamps!}

I'm preparing myself for a lonely week, as Shane's away for work for most of the days. I can't believe we won't be celebrating our first Valentine's as a married couple together - we'll just have to do something extra special when he gets back to make up for it!
Hope you all have a nice week, and Valentine's Day too!


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