Monday, 20 February 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #7

This week started out lovely and calm, and then  quickly took a turn for the worse, before coming full circle and being lovely all over again. If you thought last week's post was short and sweet, this one is definitely going to beat it in the lack of photos taken stakes!

Obviously, as it was Valentine's this week, we got off to a lovely start - Shane was working in Belfast for most of the week, so unfortunately it did mean that we didn't get to spend the day together. But, as any newly married couple will tell you, every day feels like Valentines when you're together, so we switched our presents and cards the evening before he left so that we could see each other's reactions. We kept it low key, as we do every year, but especially this year as we have our wedding anniversary coming up. I got Shane the latest DVD of Sherlock, which he loves, new slippers as he's a size 12 and finds it very hard to get any to fit him, and I baked him his favourite brownies. I think they went down the best!

Shane put up the lights over the kitchen table which I had gotten ages ago from Ikea, some sweet treats and a voucher to pick up some jeans which I wanted to get (in a size 10! - I've never been a size 10!).

{Obviously, had to change up the whole room to suit the lights!}

The middle of the week went a bit downhill for me. I was in a little car crash on the Wednesday - nobody was hurt, and the cars aren't too badly damaged (just scratches on both really), but I just got such a fright. I was in such an off mood for the next few days, especially since Shane was still away, but when he came home again, we had enough things to do to at least take my mind off it.

I indulged in a little retail therapy to cheer myself up - Newbridge Silverware have their factory shop based very near us, and once a year they hold a huge sale with 60% / 70% off most of their products. It's always good to check it out, I nearly always come away with a bargain or two - in this case some dessert forks from the Maureen O Hara collection to match the other pieces I have, and some Christmas decorations which are always good to stock up on. I also picked up some pieces of jewellery, some of which I'm sure I'll wearing over the coming year! This had the most gorgeous displays up in the shop, I wouldn't mind trying to recreate these for my office!

{How gorgeous are these?!} 

We had a friend's birthday to attend on the Friday night, so we headed only to that to catch up with some people. eat some good cake and listen to some good music. It was also my first chance to wear the bargain French Connection dress that I had picked up in the January sales - so many people commented on it, and from seeing the pictures from the Mulberry show at LFW it was bang on trend with the pussycat bow.

{The birthday boy and his girlfriend}

The decor in this place was so amazing, I just had to take a few pictures of it!

Shane had a stag party over the weekend, so on the Saturday he headed off to that. The hen party for the same wedding is on next weekend, but hopefully we won't end up as muddy as the guys did!

While he had headed off on his muddy adventures, I was kept busy at home. Firstly our couches finally arrived! Well, I say finally, the arrived just on time. The plaster was dry on the walls, so I started painting the first coat up. I'm allowed to do the first coat, as at least I can't make too much of a mess with that. When Shane got back from the stag, I put his hungover head to work and we also got the ceiling rose and the light shade which I got up at half four in the morning for on Stephen's Day in the NEXT sale.

{Our new ochre coloured couches}

{Even Rumple was excited with the new arrivals!}

It starting to all come together, so hopefully by next week I'll have up even more progress pictures of the room - who knows, we may even be back in it by then!


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