Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Makeover: Home Office

One of the big selling points for us when we bought this house originally was the fact that there was a designated office space inside the house. I had gotten into the really bad habit of staying way later in work than I needed to be there because I was so aware that there was no space to do extra week if it was needed in the space that we were renting. To be able to have a space just for that was exactly what we were looking for - and before you think I'm being very mean by not sharing this space with Shane - he gets the shed, which is bigger than the house!

We don't have too many before pictures of this space, Shane managed to pull a photo from a forgotten google account that he had, but I can tell you that the original space was so bad that there wasn't even a photo of it on the auchtioneers's ad - that says a lot about it!

The picture below is of the space cleaned up, and with a coating of the first colour that we trialled on the walls - a grotesque shade of mint green. Obviously, that didn't stick!
The desk / shelving area was one big built in unit, and, I'm going to be honest - I couldn't tell you what was in the two presses underneath the desk. My weak stomach couldn't get past the multitudes of webs.
The floor was a dark wood - the only dark wood in the house, so we knew that would have to go as we were putting a light wood board throughout the house.
The room was also quite dark, there was only one light - and as per the rest of the house, the roof had stipling on it.

I knew I wanted to have a theme of dark woods going through the different rooms, and seeing as the office is beside the dining area, I knew it would have to tie in in some way, especially if the door seperating the two areas was open.
Similiar to the upcyling job which Shane did on our kitchen table, we picked up long lengths of timber which were stained with a dark wood stain, and nailed together to create a long office table.

By having only one side with a table, I felt like it opened the space up so much more, and rather than have extra space for cluttering up, I was able to move the old bookcases from our sitting room in to create a particular space for books, folders and files.

The whole room was insulated, replastered, and repainted - this time, with a much more neutral colour.

Shane then built a box out of plywood which he painted the same colours as the wall - "soft hessian" from the Dulux range, in order to cover up the original (and very unsightly) fusebox. He then used the same planks that we had made the table with to create shelves that would join up with the fuseboard box, and allow me to create a specific gallery wall area, where I could change up the pictures on it whenever I needed.

He also added in four spotlights with LED lights in them, to really brighten up the room during the Winter months.

 I've put together two types of photographs from the room - one set that were taken with different lights on in the room, and the other in completely natural light. Because of where the window is situated and as we have rather large trees directly outside that window, it does mean that we're a bit caught for natural light.
I don't mind too much though - I quite enjoy coming into this room even in the dark evenings, and just putting on my lamp, lighting one or two candles and working away for myself.

I think the room speaks for itself in these pictures. There's a clear difference on what it looked like before and what it looks like now. The best thing about it is it feels more like it belongs in our home now.

{Our wedding cake toppers! Also, the name of our top table on the day!}

{My beloved antler lamp from Next home - 
I feel completely in love with it online, and went out of my way to track it down!}

{A framed copy of our wedding invitations that we made ourselves}

{A momento from our mini moon in London}

{Prints from the Van Gogh Museum and Penguin Books on the wall}

{Our scratch map... which we need to badly update!}

Below, you'll see the photos taken in natural light. The first three were taken back in February when the lighter evening hadn't managed to make their way in yet. You'll see, that although it's not extremely dark, the corner where the light from the window doesn't reach can come across a bit gloomy. In comparison, the very last picture was taken today - so you can see how during the Summer, I'll be hoping the whole room will be able to avail of the sunshine with no need for artificial light at all.

I hope you enjoyed that little tour around my office. We've really tried to improve upon what was already there, and I think we've managed to succeed.

Obviously, I'm hoping to add to it as the years go on - I'm always nervous about hanging pictures on walls as you're left with the gaps if you ever try to move them, but hopefully, I'll be able to make my mind up on a few more soon enough.

In the meantime, I'm going to try and concentrate and keep this as tidy as I can!


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