Sunday, 5 March 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #9

Happy Sunday! I can't believe I'm nearly in the double digits of these posts. I've really been enjoying writing them over the last two months, as it's really made me have to really recap what I've been doing with my weeks. It's been nice to have an almost picture diary to be able to check back over the things we've been getting up to. It's also made me want to do more things, in order to have something to write - which I think is always a good thing, gets the motivation to do something going.
This week was definitely a week of flowers. We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on Monday. Everyone who realised it was our anniversary was shocked at how fast it had come around - the year just seems to have flown by. My Mum, Dad, one of my sisters, my brother and his girlfriend called to our house on the Sunday night to see how we were getting along with the work on it, and to drop off some flowers in celebration of the anniversary - aren't they just gorgeous. My brother must have told my Mum about all the tulips I've been buying recently, because she arrived on with these gorgeous tulips in a lovely purple-y pink shade. Of course, I had to add more pink to them, so I bought more pink ones for myself during the week, in order to out them in all the rooms in the house.

Our first daffodils came up in the garden! They were planted by the previous owners of the house, as we haven't even looked at the garden yet, there's just too much to be done in the house. We're going to get the inside of the house done, before we even look at the outside! So exciting to see them coming up though!

Then I got the biggest shock on the Monday morning itself, when in the middle of a class there was a knock on the door, and this absolutely amazing bouquet of flowers landed in from Shane. The smell of them in my classroom for the whole day was just intoxicating.

{one of my favourite pictures of us}

I got Shane something a little different that the traditional paper present. We covered paper for both of us by getting a voucher to be used in the next few weeks to go back to the hotel that we got married in for a night. I wanted to get him something else small as we had said we wouldn't be doing huge presents, so when I was doing my weekly shopping and spotted a make it yourself kit, I knew I had to have it for him. It's a running joke between myself and Shane that I like anything stag like in decorations around the house, and he loves making things, working with his hands, so what could be better than a make it yourself stag head! He roared laughing when he saw it!

I also made him some cookies as a little treat, as they always go down well with him.


Tuesday was a crazy day, as it was Pancake Tueday. I haven't made 'normal' pancakes in about two years, as I've been using an oat pancake recipe, (see here), so it was a big shock to the system when myself and one of the other girls in work had to make and cook pancakes for the entire school. I didn't mind too much, as I quite enjoy cooking, but even I got a fright at how many we had to do - over 150 pancakes were made, and each one was eaten! Success!

We were so crazy cooking them that I didn't even get a moment to take a picture, so I just have one of my home dishes instead,. I was trying to recreate a meal I had in Amsterdam recently, a french toast dish, so this is blueberry oat pancakes, with smokey bacon stripes and maple syrup. Yum!

Thursday was World Book Day in Ireland and England, and we decided to make an effort with it in our school. All the staff and pupils dressed up for the day, based on a character in a book. I wore in my blue stripey pjs, and tied my hair back to go as "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas". The kids loved that I had come to school in my pyjamas, and to be honest - so did I! It was so comfortable.

I've always loved books, even from an early age - so, it was important to me that when we moved into the house, that I'd have somewhere to store my books, that I'd be able to access them whenever I needed them, that they wouldn't be hidden away. I'll hopefully be sharing a before and after of my work office in the next week to show exactly how I managed them, but for now there's just a sneak preview.

It was a bit of a miserable and wet week towards the end of the week, so we took full advantage of the sitting room been ready for use, and spent most of our time in there during our evenings and weekend. Even Rumple got in the action. It was so nice to just sit in the light during the evenings, and then light a fire and put on the lamps during the night. I'm still just so thrilled at the difference it has made to the house - and to us! We now have a space to relax when we come home from work, and just somewhere to spend time together.

We even managed to make a start on our back utility room / back bathroom. The ceiling and walls have gotten their first coat of paint, and the new lights have gone up. Even with the cutting in of the paint still to be done, and the second coats to go up there's already a massive difference in the brightness of the room - a big chance from the dark red that was there previously.

Hopefully, next week won't bring as much flowers with it - I''ll have nowhere to put them! We're going to continue working on the back rooms of the house, and hopefully by next weekend, we'll have even more to show for it - if we manage to get up off the couches that is!


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