Sunday, 12 March 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #10

This week saw the return of blue skies, and not just blue skies, but warm weather blue skies. It was so warm out that I went to work on one of the days in a dress - with no tights! I haven't been able to do that since last Summer. Hopefully, this is just the start of it now - roll on Spring, Summer and all that lark.

 {Cherry Blossoms and Blues Skies - My Favourites}

{Picture taken on yard duty - can you see those specks - they're soldiers practicing sky dives!!}

Seeing as it was International Women's Day this week, I decided to treat myself - to some lovely flowers. I picked up some of my favourites, white roses and white tulips. I love seeing and smelling them around the house, and I love that I don't have to wait for someone to buy them for me, I can do it for myself!

The best thing about the sunshine coming back around again is that we could see just how much progress we've made on the house since last year. Each room just seems so much more full of light, rather than it been swallowed up in the dreary colours and dark woods that there were before. Of course, the sun also helped to show up the different areas that I'd been missing in the dusting and cleaning each week, and with Shane parent's calling over on one of the days it was just the right opportunity to give it a proper Spring clean.

{The sun really took it out of Rumple - so sleepy this week!}

While I blitzed the rooms, Shane was busy working on the utility room and back bathroom. Although there's only two of us, a second bathroom is going to come in so handy when we have people over.

 And speaking of people calling over, a very good friend of mine called over and stayed with us on the Thursday night. It was an evening of catch ups and eating. 

I'm actually due to weigh in quite soon again, and I'm a feeling a bit nervous about it - I've been "off plan" for a few weeks now, so maybe it'll do me some good to have some structure again. I placed an order with a local company that provides low fat meats / meals and it's definitely helped me feel a bit more organised than I have been feeling. Obviously, I know there's no way I'd gain back the eleven and half stone I lost in two months, but I do know from reading different stories and talking to people in group how quickly it can start to creep back up on you. 

Having Caroline over gave me the chance to use some of the pieces I picked up, and this week we enjoyed a few fakeaways.

To take a break from the house for a day, and to just spend some time together without talking about the renovation plans, myself and Shane headed up on Dublin for the day today. I'm normally not the biggest fan of heading up there - only because I always find it so windy! However, once again we were graced with the good weather, and we wandered around the streets and shops for a few hours. I didn't pick up too much - I actually wanted to get a pair of earrings from Chanel fixed; one of the stones had popped out of them, and I'd only bought them about five months ago, and after that I may have wandered up to the Diptyque section - I just love their candles so much.

{All of the heart eyes!}

{Can you guess which scent I picked?}

Finally called into the Powerscourt Shopping Center - possibly the prettiest shopping center I've been in. We were just passing through to get to another street, but the next time we're back up I'm definitely scheduling time to sit, eat and browse in here!

Our dash through the shopping center was to get us to the following place - Laduree. It's become a thing for us (me) to stop in here whenever we're up for shopping - the salted caramal flavoured macarons are heavenly - luckily, I stopped myself before I bought too much of them, but it was hard.

On the way back to the car, we went by Temple Bar and stopped into Folkster. They have the nicets clothes, shoes and accessories around - really different pieces than what's in other main street shops, but it's their homewares that gets me every time! So much inspiration in one small store.

 {Temple Bar Cobblestones}

I've a short week in work coming up because of St. Patrick's day so I'm hoping to get a few more bits done in the back of the house.We'll probably try to find something to do for St. Patrick's weekend - it's tough finding that renovation / life balance but we're certainly giving it a go!


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