Monday, 20 March 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #11

Today is the officially the first day of Spring, but the start of last week definitely felt more like it than today does.

Blue skies, pink blossoms, even warmer weather - it really felt like Spring had fully arrived... until the Irish weather remembered what it was supposed to be up to, and pelted down rain for the second half of the week.

I made the most out of both parts of the week - I enjoyed the sun outside for the first half, and got on with a few projects indoors for the wetter weather.

It was so warm outside that I even brought the kids outside at work to eat their lunch on the grass picnic style. They love doing that, and I definitely didn't mind it either - it felt more like Summer than Spring having a picnic, picking daisies.

When we were picking up daisies, I realised just how bad my nails had gotten so fast since the previous time I had gotten them done. Last year, for our wedding I had gel nails for the big day, and I just got so used to having the gel nails on and not having them chipped, and the strenght that came from the gel. I was getting worried about the state of my real nails so a few weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet, take the gel off and go back to my normal nails. Although they've definitely been weakened by the gel, they're not actually in that bad a state. For now, I'm going to stick with shellac / gelish only on the nails - and see if I can get them back to their original state.

I went for a very light pink - all that nice weather obviously helped to play a part in my colour choice.

I also popped in to get a little trim on the ends of my hair. I've been trying to pluck up the courage to go much shorter on my hair lenght, maybe even shoulder length - but so far my courage continues to desert me each time I go into the hairdresser. To be fair though, this is the shortest my hair has been in a few years, so at least I'm making some progess - just look how short it looks in the front facing picture!

While I was at the hairdressers, I also re-stocked up on some MorrocanOil goodies - I've been using these products since November when I picked up one of the gift sets in my hairdressers, and I've really noticed such a difference in my hair. It's so much healthier looking, I don't need to wash it as much and it's definitely not as hard to brush. I actually still have some of the shampoo and conditioner left from my November set (you only need the tiniest of amounts when washing your hair), but I had run out of the serum so picked up a handy travel pack of all the products in case I need to bring them with me. The girl in the salon also gave me some of the dry shampoo to trial from the range, which should be interesting - although I haven't had the chance to try it out yet.

Friday marked St. Patrick's day in Ireland, and we had a Lá Glas in school to celebrate the day on the Thurday. This meant that everyone (staff and pupils) were asked to wear in something green to school to pay tribute to the day. It's always really fun to see who goes the extra mile with wigs and face paints - I had to play it safe with a green shirt as it was the only green thing I owned, although I did add some face paint later on.

{Finding shamrocks on yard duty}

I got some great mileage out of the tulips which I had picked by in Lidl recently - I was so impressed with how long they lasted, for how cheap they were. Unfortunately, towards the end of the week, I figured they were starting to move on when I spotted the tips of their leaves turning black. I picked up some rainbow tulips to replace them, it's so nice to see how they can brighten up the house so easily.

Shane had to work on the Friday and Saturday of this week, so it meant that any plans for celebrating St. Patrick's day were put to a halt. To be honest, I didn't really mind as the weather was dreadful on both days. Rather than head out when he got home, we both worked on some little projects around the house - Shane put up some floating shelves and put down the flooring in the utility room, and I painted our television table and got my bake on. Although we didn't go anywhere, it still felt like such a productive weekend.

{The finished result!}

Picking out wood for the utility floor.

Baking healthily - blueberry baked oat cupcakes...

...and not so healthily - white and milk chocolate chip cookies

and malteaser brownies... The ultimate in indulgence. Don't worry, we're not actually eating them - they're for a badminton match that's playing Monday night.

The best day of the whole week was Sunday - we decided to have a chill out day, even the cat! We stayed in our pjs all day, snuggled up on the couch with a blanket and watched a few films. It was such a simple, laid back day, but one of the nicest I've had in a while.

Although I'm not back in work until Tuesday this week, it's going to be so nice going back feeling like I got so much done with just two days off  - not only did I get to do all the things I had planned - house jobs, baking, cleaning etc but I got to do the things I hadn't planned too - relax.


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