Monday, 27 March 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week 12

This week was a mixture of crazy weather and amazing fabrics from start to finish.

From scorching sun one day to full on snow the next, it was clear that Ireland was a little all over the place this week, and by the end of the week, both myself and Shane weren't feeling too much better.

Still, we managed to fit in some house shopping, renovation time and even chocolate cake into the mix so it wasn't really a bad week as weeks go!

From cherry blossom love at the start of the week...

... to waking up on Wednesday to this sight....

... and back to cherry blossoms by the Thursday, it was hard to know what way the weather was going to go next.

I had a few badminton matches this week that I had to play both at home, and had to travel to. We're nearing the end of the season soon, which seems crazy as it feels like we haven't been playing that long even though its been the bones of half a year already.

With the teams I'm playing on we've been either knocked out or haven't placed in most of our divisions apart from a mixed team that I'm on, where we should be in the quarter finals by next week. Exciting!

I'm just a bit worried about what I'm going to do during the Summer months without it - I've been loving being back playing a team sport again, so I might check out what else I might be able to get into while the season is over.

I had the Monday off from work as we had an extra day off with the St. Patrick's Day weekend, and I used it as wisely as I could - spending some time in the office with the glorious sun shining through, and then hanging out in the sitting room where all the light was. It wasn't a complete waste of a day - I think we've nearly finalised getting the trees in our garden cut back after months of trying to figure out what to do with them. Hopefully, we'll know more by the end of next week, and we'll be able to actually start on them.

{Those rays!}

I also decided to do a big Spring clean around the house - it seems to just get messier the more I try to clean it. I think it's because I always find things I've hidden away as I'm cleaning and want to get them out on display! I moved around some of the items that I normally have out on our kitchen counter top as I'm going to be moving them out to the utility room as soon as it's finished.

Work is still ongoing on the utility room - we were a bit slowed down at the weekend with it, but at least the counter top has gone on since I took this picture midweek.

I headed to the Irish homes and Interiors show in Punchestown, Naas on the Friday after work. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect and while I know that it's not the main home improvements / interiors show that's normally held in Ireland anyway, it seemed much different than what they were advertising it as. I wasn't impressed beyond belief although I did come away with some numbers of tradespeople who I think we might be enlisting their services further down the line.

I just think I was expecting much more interior inspiration, and I just didn't really find it there, even if some of the stands were really lovely.

Both myself and Shane were very sick after playing in an extremely cold hall in a badminton match on the Thursday night, and we were hard pushed to drag ourselves from the couches and beds all weekend. It was so annoying as it really was the best weather I've seen this year, and even since last Summer and the two of us were stuck inside.

I decided to drive down to Roscrea on the Saturday regardless and call into a friend of the family who owns a interior design / fabric shop and who had gifted us a voucher around the time of our wedding and which I thought was about time I put to use.

I decided to use it on getting some cushions for the sitting room, and knowing the quality that they would be coming to us at, I knew they'd be real investment pieces.

I had a great time looking at and picking fabrics, and of course, it even gave me the opportunity to give my mum her flowers for Mother's Day as she came looking with me.

{My final choices - I'm in love}

After looking around the shop, the sun was still shining so I decided to walk around the town for a litttle while, and just get a bit of air and get my legs stretched before I headed back up home again.

The sun was setting as I made my way back up to Kildare, and I couldn't help stopping a few times to take a picture of that sky - such glorious pinks!

I decided on the Sunday to finally bake what I had been threatening to bake for a few weeks now - a triple chocolate fudge cake inspired by a recipe I saw on Instagram. The first time I had tried this was a complete disaster, so I slowed the process of this one right down, made sure it was completely chilled before each stage this time, and I was thrilled with how it turned out - just yummy! I'll leave a link here to where I got the original recipe.

I'm hoping next week to start putting up some Easter decorations around the place - it seems to be coming around faster than I'd care to admit, so I may hop to it (get it!?) and put a few pieces up!

All the best,

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