Thursday, 13 April 2017

Makeover: Stag Head Upcycle

We recently did an upcyle on some lovely stag coat hooks that we put up in our newly renovated utility room, and although I was the main picture taker on the day, the process looked so easy that I decided to do one myself on this wooden stag head that we had lying around the house. 

This was an anniversary present to Shane, meant as a humorous one as he hates stag heads and antlers and I love them, but he loves making things. After he had made it, even he admitted he liked the look of it. The only issue I had with it was the cheap look of the wood, so seeing as I had some of the Matt Black Spray from Rustoleom left over from the previous upcycle I said I'd put it to good use.

I used the same backing board from the previous upcycle as it still had the nails on it, allowing me to hang the head on it in order to get an even spray.

I tried to go as evenly evenly with the spray as possible (Shane made it look so much easier) until there was a full first coat on the head. The trickiest part was to try and get the back of the head which you would still be able to see once it would be hung up.

Once the first coat was dried, I applied the second coat, and looked for any drips that might have occurred, and brushed them off with a tissue.

And it's done. Although I should definitely in the future leave these jobs to Shane (much more steady hands) I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's already on the wall out the back.

The biggest difference between the two upcycles was that even though we were using the same spray to cover them with, we were dealing with two entirely different materials. The coat hooks were metal while this was a wood based project. I felt that although I went as evenly as I could it absorbed more in some areas than it did in others, and so I had to go back over some of the places more than once. There is one section down at the right hand corner that looked a little bit streaky, but unless you were going right up to look at it, you wouldn't really notice. I feel like I'm embracing a woodland creature theme in the back kitchen / utility - and so far I'm really liking where it's going. I've just got a few more bits left to do in this room, and then I'll be going through a full makeover of the room.


PS The stag's head was an absolute bargain from Aldi (about €4) but was out of stocks in my local store the last time I was in there.

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