Sunday, 2 April 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #13

Another week down, and only four and a half days until I'm on my Easter holidays for a full two weeks. 

Easter is falling really early this year for us, but there's no way I'm complaining at all - I'm looking forward to the break so much - hoping to cross a few things off the very long list you'll see in this post later on.

On Monday, I dropped into the fabric shop in Newbridge, where I previously bought fabric to make an under counter curtain in our kitchen. I was looking to do the same with our back kitchen in the same fabric, and luckily there was some left. I've picked up two meters of it, and when the dryer goes in, I'm going to go back in with the measurements and get them made up.

I decided to put together a list of all the things I could think of that we have to do in the house. Not all the things on the list are DIY jobs though - some of them we'll have to get people in for, and some of them are ideas for decor in the house. I'm hoping to have crossed a good few of these of the list before the end of the year, but in the meantime it's there for both of us to chip away at when we have the time.

One of the items on the list is to get the house painted, and that should be crossed off over the Easter break. We have a guy coming on Monday week to powerwash all the walls, and paint it for us. All that's left for me to do is actually pick a colour. I keep going between neutrals, creams and greens but I think that's because the current colour is so loud I don't want to be left with that again. We sat down during the week, and we think we've come to a decision (although that could change when I go to buy the actualy paint)!

 We played a few badminton matches this week. It was actually the first time me and Shane had played together competitively. We might work well as a couple, but as badminton partners - maybe not so much. In saying that, we did win our match and are through to the quarter finals which are been held in two weeks time. This was the gorgeous are we were playing in - Trinity Halls in Dublin, which has some of the most gorgeous houses in Dublin near it.

Rumple has well and truly embraced the revamped sitting room - he spends most of his time in here. He even found himself a new resting spot this week - right up on top of the stove. Don't worry, it wasn't turned on at the time.

I've bit the bullet, and started putting up some little decorations for Easter - not too many mind, as I haven't seen much that I've liked in shops. You can't go wrong with tulips at this time of the year, and some chocolate dotted around the place, I think. I'm going to be doing a full post in two weeks time of how I bring Easter into our house, so hopefully that'll go down nicely. In the meantime, here are some pictures to tide you over.

We did a major clean up this weekend around the house - being sick last weekend, and having so many badminton matches and practices this week meant that things had started to look a little bit untidy around the place. I picked up the same rug that we have in the sitting room for underneath our kitchen table to bring a bit of continuity to the rooms, and I think it goes very well with the greys in the room.

In a fit of procrastination I even coloured coded my cookbooks (!).

The Easter bunting is on full display in the kitchen.

And I finally did what I've been threatening to do for ages - I cleared out my wardrobe. I'm hoping to photograph it during the week so that I'll be able to show a before and after of what our wardrobe was to where it's at now.

We even found time to do a mini upcycle on these stag head coat hooks I've been saving away. I wrote up a full post on that if you wanted to check it out.

I baked Shane a little treat during the week of some of his favourites - milk and white chocolate chip cookies. I find that when I want him to do a little bit of work around the house, these really spur him on. He definitely earned them this week as he finished putting down all the flooring in the utility room, finished building and staining the worktop, and even put some shelves up for me.
My Superman.

I think I'll be messing around with these shelves for quite a while to come, especially as I have nowhere near enough jars, but that's half the fun of these projects I think - figuring out where everything is going to go.

Hopefully, a nice week ahead for me - we'll be counting down to holidays in work, which always helps build up the occasion. Just fingers crossed for the weather we've been having while I've been in work, and we'll be all good!


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