Monday, 10 April 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week 14

Not a single filter on that picture overhead - such glorious weather this week. It didn't even feel like Spring this week, it felt more like Summer. Blue skies, blue bells and sunshine meant it was starting to look good for my Easter holidays from work.

Quick tidy ups around the house meant that the spare room was looking its best - although I've starting jotting down ideas for different furniture, pictures and bits and pieces I want to put into the different bedrooms in order to put a different style on each of them. For the biggest spare room, I thinking of going with a yellow and grey theme - I think the two colours work really well together, and should tie in with the painted furniture.

I'm still adding bits and pieces to the utility room - it's looking very woodland birds and creatures at the moment, which I actually adore. Still sneaking in the Easter decorations courtesy of these little rabbits, although I might be persuaded to leave them up even after the holidays are over.

Managed to pick up a few more of the elusive candles that aldi have been selling - I'm not very keen on any of the scents apart from the pomegranate scent, although I can't compare it to the Jo Malone one having never bought that scent before.

Even Rumple got in on the action, helping to clean up. Shane put up a new washing line for me that stretches all the way from our house to the shed so I decided to test it out by washing all our sheets. Is there anything better than getting into freshly washed sheets?

Blue skies on the morning of the break up from work - I celebrated my attempting to curl my hair that day.

I whipped up a batch of this chocolate chip and banana bread - one of the best cakes I've made all year. So moist, even when frozen and defrosted (the only was to make sure I won't eat it all in one go!)

Saturday was such a glorious day that the two of us took to the garden - Shane to cut the lawn for the first time this year (such a difference) and I decided to bring Rumple on a walk using his brand new lead that we picked up in our local pet store. He's still not too sure about it, and was very scared by the noise of cars when they passed by, but at least it means that he won't be running in under the trees again (last time, it took us almost half an hour to get him out.

I managed to fit in a little project later on that evening, which will be up later on during the week.

I popped into Kildare Village earlier on in the week, to pick up some shorts from the Nike outlet store there in preperation for our upcoming match. The place was all decked out for the time of year - they always put so much effort into their displays. I just had to stop at the yellow bicycle with all the matching daffodils around it.

Popped into Joules to finally buy something I'd had my eye on for ages - a star print dressing gown. I know it's not exactly the time of the year for dressing gowns, but I'd been putting off buying it for so long that they were finally done to their last one and I knew the chances of getting one after that were extremely slim.

{Decor goals in Joules}

{Rumple agreed with my choice of gown - he snuggles up right into it}

Saturday night brought around the match we'd be waiting for all week - the quarter finals of the Dublin League. You'll be glad to know that we won (albeit by one point, but it's a win none the less)! We headed out that night to celebrate with a few friends in Kildare, and it's probably a good thing that very few pictures were taken that night!

A little worse for wear the next morning, we set off to Johnstown Garden Center, which is located about half an hour away from us. We were extremely naive in thinking that the place would be quiet on a Sunday - it was absolutely jammers! I picked up some new pots (as I'm hoping to start creating a garden display with them) some garden equipment, of which we own very little, and some flowers for planting. I've heard great things about Dabid Austin Roses so I picked up one of them to start off my collection.

{This little fellow randomly waiting in the bushes!!}

{Our little shopping trolley}

As it was right next door, we called into Palmerstown House Estate for a little look round. Although we pass by here all the time on the way to Dublin, I'd never actually seen what the place looked like. It's very popular around the Christmas time as they have a special visitor there to meet children and their families but as we've got no kids we wouldn't have been over there with that before.

{The start of the golf course}

{When all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils}

On our way back, Shane suddenly took a detour. I'd no idea where we were going to until he told me we were going to pop into Newbridge and head to the cinema. It has been so long since we've been, just the two of us, and he even said we could go see Beauty and the Beast. I was sold, especially since it meant I could get some of my favourite - pick and mix! Any excuse really.

The film was so good, better than I had expected as I had heard such mixed reviews. I loved all the original Disney films so much that I never know what to expect of the adaptations.

I'm looking forward to the next week so much - we're finally going to be painting the outside of the house, I've got a full two weeks off from work and most importantly, Easter will finally be here.


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