Tuesday, 18 April 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #15

Week one of the Easter holidays has just flown by. It won't be a hot minute before the second week has flown past and I'm back at work, but for now I'm just concentrating on the different things I have coming up this week, and hopefully crossing a few more items off that to-so list of ours.
In the meantime, here's a little snippet of what we got up to last week.
 Monday nights are badminton nights. If I don't have a game, we normally have practice and seeing as we have the semi finals of our division in Dublin soon, we decided we definitely needed the practice. I'm down to one racket at the moment as my other racket got a crack in the body of it, and would have broke if I had tried to get it re-strung. I'm hoping to pick up another one before the match takes place.

I got around to planting my plants that I picked up in Johnstown Garden Center last week. I love the idea of having lots of pots filled with all different flowers and shrubs around both the back and the front door of the house. I've a few pots to go, but at least I'm making a start.

 I even got to try out my new gloves from TKMaxx - I couldn't leave them behind, they were so pretty.

I spent some time tidying up the house, re-arranging different rooms around a little. I can't sit still in the house if I think it's untidy, and especially when I'm off work, there's no better time to faff around with it. I've been looking through some of our storage boxes of things that we had packed up when we moved in here originally, and I'm still trying to find places for some of the things we've collected over the years.

{My new blush pink cushion for the bedroom - I'm in love.}

We finally broke ground on the painting of the house. The two colours we chose for the house are Gallery Grey and Deer Park, both from the Sandtex range. I'm so nervous about how they're going to turn out, but as we keep saying, it can't turn out much worse than the currant situation of how the outside looks. Our house, although we've worked hard on improving the appearance of the inside of the house, has a massive lack of curb appeal. We're hoping to use this Summer to remedy that.

Obviously, this is not the finished result - this is with only one coat on, and without the sills done, but already a huge difference from the horrible red all over. Spot the plant pots at the front door!

In between cleaning, planting and general faffing about the place, I tried my best to rewind, even if just for a few minutes each day. I've got a stack of books from the library which I've got to get through soon, and I tried to make a dent in them as best I could.

I managed to get the Stag head that I spray painted last week up on the wall of the utility room. I feel like the room is getting a real country cottage vibe to it, which of course I love.

Some of my downtime took place outside of the house this week. I headed into town on Good Friday to have a peek around the place and see if anywhere was open. I was surprised to see that all the shops were open for business and so I indulged myself in a little retail therapy.

{Found it so hard to leave these Easter decorations behind}

What do you do when you find a top you like in Zara - buy it in every colour of course.

On the way back from my little shopping trip I stopped into my favourite flower shop in our local town. They had the prettiest Easter display there so of course I had to buy a little bouquet for our display at home.

{I love how the flowers look against the purple wall}

{Even Rumple stopped to have a sniff of them}

And then it was Easter. Well, not really. We celebrated Easter a day early this year as we knew we'd be out of the house on the Sunday. This was my first year to ever try hot cross buns and I though what nicer way to get ready for the long weekend together than with hot cross buns in bed. Heaven.

Love my new bunny dish from Carraig Donn - perfect for holding all my mini eggs in!

And, of course, Easter wouldn't be Easter without some chocolate nest with mini eggs inside.

We headed away for the long weekend, just for a few days. We headed down to the very bottom of Kerry to visit my Aunt and Uncle, and catch up with some of my cousins that are down there. I'm not going to go into much detail here as I'm going to dedicate a post just to this visit (I really took way too many photographs). However I couldn't mention it in the weekly post without some visual giveaways about the trip so the pictures below are a sneak peek of what's to come.

Hope you all had just as nice an Easter as we had - roll on week two of the hollidays.

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