Monday, 24 April 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #16

And another week comes to an end, and back to work I go. Easter holidays are officially over which means as of now I'm on countdown to the Summer ones and all those bank holidays in between.

After the long drive back from Kerry at the start of the week, I took the first few days to just relax around the house, eat some breakfast in bed, hang out with the cat and generally just clean up around the place.

I bought these new throw pillows for our bed to match in with the pillow on the armchair, and so far I've been loving the addition of pink to the room. I never would have been a pink girl before, but I've really starting embracing it recently - at least the lighter tones of it, I'm still wary of the florescents.

I had a mini workout in the moving around of furniture in the bigger spare room - it's something that I've been thinking about for a while, and I just got the urge to do it this week. With the suitcases, globe and pictures of Paris it looks like I'm accidentely adding a travel theme to the room.

I only managed one painting project this week, and that was the painting of the wooden hot press doors in our kitchen to white. They had been sticking out like a sore thumb for a while, especially since we had replaced the old wooden doors for white ones, so this was a job I was glad to get done. I also kept one of the Easter hanging decorations up on it for a little pop of colour - I thought it really suited where it was.

On Wednesday, I went with my friend, Rusty, to visit Burtown House and Gardens in Athy, Co. Kildare. I won't go into too much detail of it here as I've already put up a much more detailed post on it which you can find here. These are just some of the photos from the day.

{Getting all the inspiration of what I'd like our house to look like}

I've managed to drag Shane on a jog this week. He is so against running, but knows how much I've been missing it, so he came with me on the roads around our house. I would go on my own, but I'm just terrified of dogs, and living out the countryside often means dogs who are left lose in their gardens by owners. I'm glad we went though, as it had been a while, and I had been missing it awfully. It meant we also got to see up close these lovely blossoms from our neighbour's tree across the road from us.

Friday night was a long anticpiated night out with the girls. None of us really go out as much anymore (the joys of growing up) so we planned this night a few weeks back. Of course it came around, and I had totally forgotten all about it. I popped into Newbridge and picked up these two little numbers - one a dress, one a jumpsuit to see which one I'd wear out. I think it's safe to say botanicals are in fashion at the moment looking at the patterns on these two. We had a great (albeit messy) night, and it should hold us off for another while at least.

{Before it all went downhill!}

Heading out with the girls (and having the makings of a very sore head) led to this concoction on Saturday. If you look back over my recipes, you'll notice a recipe for oat pancakes - well, this went one step further: strawberry oat pancakes. Absolutely devine, and the perfect cure after the Friday night.

After feeling very sorry for myself for a few hours that day, I headed off to Dublin where we were playing in a semi final badminton match that night. Unfortunately, just before the match, during the warm up, I fell over and hurt my ankle / foot quite badly. Being as competitive as I am I still played on, but it was no use. We managed to take a set off them, but it just wasn't enough on the day.

There was no rest after the match though - we have a wedding coming up next weekend in which Shane is a groomsman and the wedding party were coming together to have a few drinks and a get together before the mayhem of what will be the next weekend. It was a lovely night, but with my foot throbbing we had to call it a night around the twelve o clock mark and head home. Hopefully by next week, my foot will be all better, and I won't be hobbling around the place like I was doing.

{The happy couple}

Sunday was most definitely a day of rest for me. I was put under strict orders to not leave the couch, to keep my foot elevated and to just relax. Rumple kept me company for most of the day as I watched through a few episodes of "13 Reasons Why", and Shane was the ultimate husband when he disappeared out for a few minutes and came back with the most delicious looking cupcakes.

Next weekend we'll have the wedding so I'm hoping I'll be all back to normal by then. I'm doing a reading at the mass, so the last thing I want to is hopping up to do it. I'm just going to take it handy for this week (even with being back in school) and concentrate on getting the swelling down - I'm sure the cupcakes will help loads!


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