Saturday, 6 May 2017

Makeover: Bathroom

When we originally looked at our house, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that the bathroom would realistically be the first room that we would be renovating - and how right we are. In fact, I'm fully convinced that the look of the bathroom alone (and possibly the master bedroom) were enough to frighten away potential buyers and leave us open to swoop in with our bid. In saying that, as lucky as we were to walk away with the keys to this house, this room will show you exactly the extent of what we were up against.

As I've mentioned before, an unfortunate black screen of death on my phone has successfully wiped quite a number of my pictures that I had taken throughout the renovation process, but I have managed to scrape some gems together that Shane had taken or that I had managed to find through the auctioneer's website online.

Feast your eyes on the beauty that was our teal, wooden covered bathroom before in all it's glory.

Why we didn't walk away when we saw this I'll never know, but Shane was convinced that we could do so much with it, and as he is the person who normally gets stuck with these DIY jobs I trusted him, knowing that he'd be doing most of the work.


Both myself and Shane have talked about it, and while he is definitely the person to actually do the jobs, I would be the person with the ideas behind them. The first thing we did with this room was tke down all the wood that was on the walls and the roof, and remove all elements from the room itself. Upon removing the wood, we discovered damp behind the wall that the bath / built in shower was on, so we needed to put a new stud partition up. We reinsulated the entire room, and then replastered it.

As we were replastering, Shane decided to move the toilet to a different wall to allow more room in the bathroom itself.

I've dreamed of having a rolltop bath for as long as I can remember but unfortuntely sizing issues in this room didn't allow for such a luxury, especially a luxury that Shane wouldn't fit in and we were both adament we didn't want a shower in a bathtub situation like we had had in old rental properties. There's not much less attractive than those bath mats that you put into your tub to stop you from falling when you stand up.

Enter the walk in shower. We got the idea (stole completely) from Shane's Aunt, who had just had one fitted in her own house. I loved the idea when I saw it, and knew it would work perfectly in the space that we had.

We bought a new toilet and washing pedestal, in white - the green / blue didn't appeal to us at all I'm afraid, and we painted the walls in the same neutral we'd added to the other rooms - "Soft Hessian" from the Dulux range. I love how the colour looks different in every room.

I had seen an idea of having shelves over the toilet area, and so to fill up that blank space over it Shane picked up some rather unusual looking brackets in Woodies and put them up,


I just feel like there's so much more light in the room. What once genuinely made me recoil now has me skipping in for one of my epic, hot water using up showers.

I've kept the room styled still quite simply - we're definitely being more cautious about adding pictures to walls now, or buying things that we're not sure will fit in the space.

I upcycled a lovely drawer unit that was given to us by a cousin of Shane's and for right now it gives us all the storage we need - obviously, we'll need more storage down the line if we start a family, but for now it just sits in the space perfectly.

The shelves are one of my favourite things, they are where I've been able to put some personality into the room and by just resting the photoframes on them, I can change them around on a moment's notice without leaving any marks in the wall.

This room I feel has been one of the biggest transformations of the house so far - and it's still not even fully completed. It still needs curtains, something on the wall beside the shower area and the lights need to go up over the mirror - but when I look back the original room, I still find it hard to believe they were ever the same place.

I may have had to sacrifice my bathtub, but I think it was a sacrifice worth making (for right now anyway - I'll probably want my rolltop in another few years)!


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