Sunday, 21 May 2017

Makeover: Wardrobe, Chest of Drawers and Bedside Locker Upcycle

I've found that, although we definitely find ourselves working on certain big jobs during different weeks, there's always little projects that are taking place behind the scenes. This little up cycle was definitely one of those things that had been pushed by the wayside while the bigger jobs were been tackled, but when I finally had two days to myself last week, I knew I'd be able to work away at it, and be able to tick it off the list.

When we first started work on the smaller spare bedroom, I wasn't entirely sure what we were going to use the space for. It's housed a treadmill, boxes and even at one point a make up area. Having moved around some things in the bigger spare room, I knew that I wanted something similiar to this in the smaller room and so I started sourcing furniture that would work within that small space, while still being able to provide storage in the room.

I found a wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside locker online at and armed with my trusty brochure of farrow and ball paints, I set about picking a colour for them.

 Having discovered from our previous experiments with bold colours in the house, I now know that we're much better suited to a muted palette of colours on larger objects, and adding pops of colour through accessories instead.
For this reason, I went with the colour "Elephant's Breath" from the range, something I knew would work well as I'd already used it on the furniture in the other spare room.

I cleaned the pieces, inside and out, and made sure there were no big pieces of wood sticking out anywhere. I wiped down the different pieces with the adhesive that I've used on the other pieces of furniture that I've upcycled, and waited for this to dry until I was able to add a coat of primer from the Farrow and Ball range.

After the initial first coat of mid tones primer, I added the actual paint colour on top. I also added paint to the different knobs that came with the pieces. I left the pieces to dry for a few hours, although in the warm weather, they were dry to the touch within the first half hour.

I actually experimented with painting the knobs for the different pieces in two ways - one off the piece itself, and the other still attached. I found that painting while still attached worked a lot better, as when you put them down to dry individually the paint sometimes peeled off from the surface you had put it down on.

As usual, I'm so happy with how these pieces turned out, and even better I managed to get them done before Shane's family called over to see the house for his birthday.

Now, all that's left to do is to finish styling the room - I'm not entirely sure of the overall look I'd like for the room just yet, althought I'm hoping to incorporate a print I picked up in Ikea a few years ago that I fell in love with. For now, these pops of purple and floral touches are tiding me over!

I'm sure I'll pop up another post when the entire room is done, which will hopefully be soon rather than later.

Until then,

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