Tuesday, 2 May 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #17

Another busy week, and the last day of Spring has come around. It's finally Summer. I realise that this week's roundup is a little bit later than normal,  but what with the busy weekend we had and the bank holiday also on the week just got away from me.

The start of the week was very much a getting ready for the weekend. We had a wedding of two of our close friends, which Shane was a groomsman at and I was doing a reading so I wanted to make sure I was looking my best on the day.

I started off by getting my nails done - both a manicure and pedicure. I normally get a manicure once a month but seeing as it was a special occasion I thought I'd get the pedicure too. I had been wearing gel nails for the past year and a half and recently went back to just shellached nails - it's been about three months but I've been very lucky in that I haven't had much breakage with them yet, although I've kept them to a much shorter length to help with this.

After getting my nails done, I remembered that a new cafe had opened up just up the street from where I get my nails done so I popped in to take a look. It has a real industrial, rustic vibe to it, and looking at what they had on display I'm hoping to be able to stop in for an actual sit down meal soon.

Of course, I couldn't leave without a few treats for myself and Shane to try - the blondie was definitely my favourite.

I headed down to Kilkenny later on during the week to a lingerie shop that's open down there. I'd heard great things about the shop, especially since the owner measures by eye and not by tape. Since losing weight I'm still not sure of the size I am, and what better way to make sure my clothes are fitting properly than by making sure what's underneath fits first.

While I was there. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of Kilkenny (which is seriously such a pretty place).

Friday was spent running around getting everything ready for the following day, and picking up the little things I had forgotten about, including these new shoes.

Saturday morning was the day of the wedding so while Shane headed in to be with the rest of the bridal party, I went to get my hair and makeup done. I was so happy with it, and am hoping to get the same again for another wedding I've got coming up in July.

The wedding itself was absolutely gorgeous - full of gorgeous little touches including a beautiful flower arrangment by the grooms mother.

{The beautiful bride and gorgeous groom}

The bride's sister made the cake (which tasted amazing) and we loaned them our LOVE letters for lighting up the room on the night.

The afters of the hotel was in Celbridge Manor, and it was incredible - think huge queen size bed, rolltop bath and double height ceilings.

{Breakfast delivered to the room on Day 1}

{Bath of Dreams}

{The breakfast room} 

{Breakfast with a view on Day 2}

I'll definitely be trying to get back for another night's stay there soon.

{Very sad to leave}

I wore a new outfit which I had picked up specifically for the day, and I felt amazing in it. The best part was that it was so comfortable that I was able to stay dancing all night.

We ended up staying for a second night at the hotel with the rest of the bridal party, and I managed to use the extra time to walk the grounds.

All in all, a fantastic weekend was had at the wedding, and it definitely started off the Summer with a bang. Looking forward to the nice weather ahead of us this week, and a bit more of a quieter weekend (although I'm sure I'll find some jobs for us to do).


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