Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #18

It was the most stunning week this week, weather wise. The temperature reached the high teens every day, at some point even into the twenties. We didn't know what to do with ourselves. Ireland's a completely different place when the sun shines - there would be no need for us to ever holiday abroad if it stayed this nice.

This week got off to a great start as we headed off after the excitement of the wedding for a cool down in the cinema. We hadn't been to the cinema in a little while, and seeing as the sequel to one of our favourite films of the last few years was out (so much so that we named our wedding table after the original) we headed along to see the second of the Guardian of the Galaxy films. It was the perfect end to a very busy bank holiday weekend, and I even picked up some of my favourite - pick and mix. I just can't go to the cinema without getting some.

Unfortunately, with both of us still in work it didn't leave much time for us to actually enjoy the sunshine outside this week, but we did use it wisely in the evenings to start working on our garden. We took out some of the older bushes which the previous owners had planted (but which weren't to our tastes) and we've cleaned up that area and put down some new soil ready to plant some plants more suited to us.

We finally finalised work on the removal of trees from the garden. We have an awful lot of trees to be removed / pruned back so work is going to start on that next week. I'm so excited as I know that by getting rid of one of the rows of trees and cutting back the others we're going to let so much more light into the house.

We did manage to get a little bit of sunbathing in at the weekend, putting down a blanket outside on the grass and even bringing Rumple outside to soak up the sun with us and to check out the newly fixed up flowerbed.

Work continues on our utility room. I know it's slow progress, but we just have so many projects that we're trying to do all at the same time. This week, Shane came home with something I've been wanting for ages - a tumble dryer. I know that's not the most exciting present, but when you've got a mountain of socks covering the radiators in the Winter, I know I'm going to be absolutely thrilled with this.

We also finished painting our kitchen (again!). We had originally painted it in a shade of green when we had first moved in, but over the past year and a half, I've gotten steadily more tired of the colour, We decided to paint it in the same shade that we've been using in the rest of the house, and I think it just brightens up the room so much more.

My sister visited this week with a request. She had an upcoming bake sale for charity taking place in her workplace on the Friday, and she was looking for inspiration / help with making a few things. We decided to make white and milk chocolate chip cookies, salted nutella cookies, rocky road and oreo truffles.They looked pretty good, and apparently went down a treat on the day.

I also started back running the couch to 5k with a neighbour. It's been so great to be able to get out and actually jog in the local area with someone. Shane's not the biggest fan of running, and I'm terrified of bumping into a dog from someone's house so it's working out really well running with someone else local. She only lives a few doors up the road, so we'll definitely be able to keep each other motivated - especially as she has her wedding coming up, and we have our honeymoon - I want to be in the best shape I can be for that.

We had a Confirmation in the family this week. They couldn't have got nicer weather for the day. We dressed up, and headed off to celebrate with them at the mass before heading back to a little family gathering close to the church.

I have an upcoming upcycle project coming in the next week, so have picked up the paint I needed to the pieces this week and should have it all ready by the next post. Keep an eye out for what will be the finishing touches to yet another room.

Until them,


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