Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #19

Warm weathers, birthdays, nights out, days off and lots of chocolate
 - week 19 was some week for one week.

This week, we finally managed to break ground on our garden. This really was a huge job, and one we definitely wouldn't have been able to manage ourselves. Some local guys came round to help us out, and we managed to make a very big dent in the sizable amount of trees which we currently have around our property. The amount of light and warmth now flooding our house is unbelievable - Rumple doesn't know himself with the light streaming into the different rooms, so many warm patches to choose from now!

I popped into a new cafe in town - Dora May's Cafe, just to check out what the place is like, maybe even get some inspiration for things to make over the next while. I picked up some sweet treats for us to try at home, a lemon cake and a toffee and biscuit type cheesecake. I was even more impressed with the fact that they were offering a few slimming options on the menu - always nice to know if I fancy a guilt free meal out in the town.

I managed to buy some furniture which I had been hoping to upcycle. I picked up a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedside locker which I got to upcycle in the sun as the hot weater continued this week. I'm so delighted by how they turned out, and it means we finally have furniture in our smallest spare room, and I'm going to be able to start putting some personal touches in there now.
The weather was actually so hot as I painted outside that I actually managed to get a little bit of a colour while I worked in the yard.

We continued with our running of the couch to 5k again this week - it's definitely a lot different this time round than any of the other times I've tried it. The weather has never been as hot before when I was doing it, and I've never actually run on road before, just a treadmill or a running track.

We had a day off this week on the Thursday due to Prince Charles visiting the local area, which meant that our school had to be closed for the day for security reasons, and I had one last EPV day left to use so I took the Friday off too. An extra long weekend for me.

It was badly needed though. I decided to throw a little party for Shane this week as he was celebrating his 25th birthday. Some of his family had not seen our house since we originally bought it, so I was excited to have them over to see the different changes we'd made to the place and the hard work that we've been putting in over the last while. It meant that I used the two days off to go on a cleaning mission, making sure the house was immaculate, and fixing any little niggly bits before they were to call over.

{finally got around to printing out more wedding photos}

{Our new cushions arrived!}

I also got my bake on (of course!) I put together a selection of all of Shane's favourite cookies and sweet treats - chocolate chip cookies, nutella cookies, salted nutella cookies and double chocolate chip brownies.

{All decorations came from favourlane.ie}

I also baked his favourite type of cake - double chocolate fudge cake, covered with even more chocolate - chocolate fingers, chocolate flakes, chocolate buttons and malteasers. It all went down a complete treat, which I was delighted with and Shane seemed to really enjoy the day, which is the most important thing of all. He normally hates a fuss been made, but as I said to him, his next big birthday is his 30th which is still a bit away.

I got the recipe for the chocolate cake from a girl who I follow on Instagram @theknightfairy (same surname, so I had to be fate that she would have the recipe for such a good chocolate cake) and it's well worth the time it takes to bake it.

Shane headed out that night with his brother, brother in law and uncle while I had to go to a staff party in Kilkenny, but I managed to drive back in time to make the end of the nightclub with Shane and the rest, and was even able to play taxi for them after the night ended. Two counties in onne night wasn't bad going, but I definitely felt the tiredness the next day.

{Kilkenny Castle at night}

We finished up a very hardworking week with a bit of a treat. We headed into Ubh, a newly opened cafe / brunch spot in Newbridge for a nice Sunday brunch. I had gotten a takeaway from there recently, but it was nice to go in, sit down and actually enjoy the experience of the place itself. I got the french toast, while Shane went for the potato and bacon cake. Probably not somewhere we'd be rushing back to every Sunday, but for somewhere different to go, and something different to do on a Sunday morning, it suited us that weekend.

{Had to finish with some dessert - caramel doughnut goodness}

I'll be staying well away from the cakes and sweet treats for a while after this weekend, countdown to our honeymoon has started for us so I'm going to be working hard to feeling and looking my best for the next few weeks. Hopefully, working in our cleared garden will help with some of that too.


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