Monday, 29 May 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #21

Week 21, and we're leading up to the last day in May. I managed to find some peonies this week, after seeing so many online and wanting them. They're not opened, but I just loved the colour of them so much to let them go. Fingers crossed that they open over the next few days!

This week, the horrific news about Manchester was all over the place. I think it was such a shock to people in Ireland because it really was so close to home. I just tried to keep myself busy this week so I wouldn't have to stop to think about it.

Every so often, I make my way over to Kildare Farm Food, especially when they have good deals on with their different meats. This week, the weather was so nice that I decided to walk around the farm for a while. I haven't done this in ages, possibly over a year so it was nice to see how much they'd done with the place.

As I'm keeping on going with the running, I stopped into Kildare Village and picked up some more running gear. I always manage to pick up a few pieces in the Nike store, and this time was no exception. While I was walking through, I also got some inspiration for the garden from the displays there - those festoon lights giving me all the heart eyes!

While the weather was very hit or miss this week - either extremely sunny or pelting down with raiin, I still went out and got my running in this week. We're now onto week 3 of the Couch to 5k, and so far I'm still going ok. I found running when it was very sunny a bit harder, so we ended up going later in the evening to try and make it cool enough for us to go. As much as I found it hard, it wasn't as bad as running in the rain on the Saturday. Soggy socks and shoes are not nice!

I met up with my friends back home in Tipperary for a very long overdue meal and catch up on Saturday night. I put all the running I was doing to good use, and ordered whatever I wanted from the menu. It's been a long time since I was so off plan with my food, but every bit of it tasted just delicious. Hoping it won't be as long until I see them all again.

Two of Shane's nephews were making their Communion on Sunday, and as they both attend the school where I work we went along for the day. They had a little party afterwards, and I brought along some goodies with me, including this Victoria Sponge. This was my first time making a Victoria Sponge, so I was very happy with how it turned out (even if it did sag in the middle a little bit)!

The last thing that we got up to this week, is that Shane started work on the window seat that we're putting into our dining area / kitchen. Last week, I talked about getting plastic boxes from Ikea for an upcoming project - and this is the project! We're hoping that not only will it give so much more seating space in the room for when we have friends over, but as the top of it lifts up thanks to a handy hinge, it'll be a super storage space too. I'm looking forward to it being finished so I can put up pictures of the final product.

Next weekend is the June Bank Holiday (and Bloom in Dublin). Hopefully I'll make it up there next week, but if I don't I'm just going to enjoy the few days off.


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