Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Exploring: Killruddery House and Gardens

This week in Ireland, was definitely the hottest week we've had this year so far. We normally spend our weekends renovating or working around the house, but the weather was just so lovely, I couldn't bear to spend it inside.
I found this house on line, and decided to head up to Bray to check it out. They were having a family fun day the following day so I thought it would be better to head up on the Saturday and skip the crowds.

When we got up there, there was a little farmer's market taking place outside the entrance. We had a little wander around, but as we arrived in the midday, most of the stalls had either been emptied or was on their last items.

It also felt too hot to have any of the hot foods on offer, so we said we'd hold off until we had an ice cream later on.

We paid our entrance fee to the house and grounds (E7.50) each and began by walked around the walled gardens, vegetables patches and orchard. It was a real family friendly scene with many people sitting out in the middle of the orchard with picnics and playing in the play park there.

From there, we walked into the actual grounds of Kilruddery House itself. Rather than approach the house straight on we walked around the edges of the grounds, taking in all the climbing plants, flower displays and little walkways that were there.

We ended up walking up to the house past the twin lakes that were in the perfectly maintained front lawn which gave us the most lovely view of the house from straight on. We explored the back of the house first before moving over to the main attraction.

{Those climbing roses though!}

{Doesn't Shane look very at home here?}

Coming back to the front of the house, we made our way over to the orangery which was situated on the left hand side of the house. I'm not sure if it was because of the heat of the day, but the room when we went to enter it was closed. This was really unfortunate as it was still early on in the afternoon. I still had a little peek inside the windows mind.

Realising that our little jaunt around the grounds was coming to an end, we decided to grab an ice-cream from the ice cream vendor that was on site. I had a little look in the cafe to see if anything caught my eye, and although it looked very nice, ice cream seemed like the only thing that would hit the spot.

With ice creams in hand, we made our way around the last patch of garden before heading for home.

Our day wasn't quite finished though as on our way out of the grounds, we could hear some strange noises in one of the outer buildings. Our curiosity piqued, we had to have a nose. It was an axe throwing station! Obviously, we couldn't leave without a few throws so a mini competition was had between myself and Shane. I won, although Shane still argues that he was given blunt axes!!

A lovely day out, especially in the sunshine. If we had known how nice it was there, I would have brought a book and maybe a picnic to have allowed us more to do and to stay there a bit longer. We'll know for next time!


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