Monday, 5 June 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #22

This week was an interesting one. The start of the bank holiday weekend, a flower festival and a day out with friends meant that we were a little bit busier than normal this week.

 I also decided this week to make a conscious effort to go back following the plan that I had been on before. It worked for me the first time I did it, and although I've still been loosely following it, with our honeymoon coming up in the next few weeks, I want to feel and look my best at the time so it's 100% back on plan, and not just casually following it.

It does mean a little more prep than I have been doing, and making sure I know what meals are coming up the next day to allow me to stay on plan. I got down to some batch cooking over the week, including one of my favourites, chicken and bacon paella (the recipe of which you can find here) which I divide out and bring to work with me on different days.

Still continuing on my couch to 5k journey. Currently on week 4, and definitely noticing the fitness levels going up (slowly!). Still loving those views on the route that we take - it's definitely helping having something nice to look at. There was a few wetter days this week, but it didn't stop us! We're now half way through the programme and showing no signs of stopping.

Had a credit note to use in Cath Kidston so popped in to the local outlet store to see if there was anything that would catch me eye. The outlet itself was in the middle of getting a makeover for the summer (they have different themes and designs on during different points of the year) so I'll have to pop in soon again to see what they put up. I was so excited to see the Disney collection had landed in the Cath Kidston store - such cute cardigans and skirts, I wanted them all. I settled for an E8 (!!) dress, a new lunch bag to help me with staying on plan and something I've actually been looking for for ages - a key ring. Not a bad way to spend a credit note - feeling like I got them for free.

I had a long overdue appointment with my hair - badly needed. A new cut and colour and I'm feeling like a new woman again.



Bloom was on this week (you'll find all my pictures from it here), and I had a great time at it. Full of garden inspiration and making me excited for the Summer when I can attempt to work on ours.

We finished off the Sunday Bank Holiday with a very exciting day out with friends - heading first to the Escape Rooms in Dublin where you have one hour to figure out tests to try and get out of a locked room, before heading off to the cinema to watch a film I've really been looking forward to see, the new Wonder Woman. Well worth the watch.

I've got a very short week in work this week, only three days but more importantly we're into the final month of the school year. Feeling like the holidays are just around the corner now.


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