Monday, 12 June 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #23

Short week this week as we were off work until the Wednesday. 

Gave me the chance to relax on the Monday and work on some good old, basic recipes that I used to enjoy at the start of my healthy eating journey.

I trialled a new recipe as well - nutella filled french toast, and yes, it was just as yummy as it sounds. I would have liked it with lots more nutella, but when is enough nutella ever enough.

I'm still working on the Couch to 5k, we're currently on week 5. I even managed to do it a few times on my own this week when the girl who I normally run with couldn't make it. I could have used the fact that she wasn't able to do it with me as an excuse but decided it was worth the effort.

I did have a little pamper day on the Tuesday when I popped in to our local town to have my nails painted. Just loving pale pinks on my nails during this time of the year.

I accompanied one of the classes in school on their school tour on the Wednesday. They headed over to the adventure center in Avon RĂ­ in Blessington. As they were fully supervised by the instructors at the place, we were given free reign to roam about the place and explore. It's right on the lake so there's some lovely scenes there, and I even took in a gym session followed by a dip in the hot tub.

An old childhood friend called over to see us and the house on the Friday night and the ultimate catch up was had. She's now living in our area, which is crazy seeing as we are bot originally from a village over an hour away. Six hours later, and we's almost caught up - almost!!
She was so sweet and gave us a little housewarming gift of a voucher to use on getting something for the house from a local interiors shop , Buy Design so on Saturday, as I wasn't up to too much I headed over there and picked up a few things for around the house. They had gorgeous pieces there, and if I had had room for it all in my car I'm afraid to think what my final bill would have been.

Shane managed to find me some peonies to make up for the ones I had gotten recently that hadn't opened. Hopefully, these ones will work out a lot better (although, knowing the florist they've come from, I'm pretty sure they will)!

We had a 25th Wedding Anniversary party to go to on the Saturday night with Shane's Mum, Dad and sister. Shane's family never do things by half so there was food, a dj and even a photo booth there. Obviously, we popped into the photobooth for one or two photos.

Sunday was such a relaxing day - for once we made sure we weren't going anywhere, and didn't allocate any work on the house to be done. I'm starting my countdown to the Summer holidays now - the first school week of June is now finished which means the end is in sight.


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