Monday, 19 June 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #24

My peonies have opened. I repeat, my peonies have opened. 
This is not a drill - and they are just fabulous.

I also finally caved and opened up my dipytque candle which I had been patiently saving. Still haven't lit it yet, but we'll get to that again at some point.

Shane put up some floating shelves in the dining area for me. We had such an open space in that corner of the room, and couldn't think of anything else that might fit in there so for now, they will definitely fill the void (until I think of something else that might have worked). We pained them the same colour as the wall to really blend them in to the room, and I had a great time organising the different bits and pieces that I though would go well on it.

With him continuing work on that window seat, and getting an idea of what the finished product is going to look like, I'm liking this little nook more and more.

On Friday I had meetings in Dublin for work.  It was to do with a course that's taking place next year and although I had a great time walking around the grounds where it would be on, and found the introductory talk really intriguing, unfortunately (or not unfortunately as the case may be) something has cropped up and it means I have to defer my placement for a year or so. More on that in the next while though.

I had to pop into one of the hotels in Newbridge on the way back, where I came across this absolutely stunning flower wall. Flower wall of dreams I go so far as saying. It wouldn't fit in the back of my car though, so I had to content myself with just a few pictures instead.

The weather was absolutely glorious for the weekend. We still managed our Couch to 6k despite the heat. We did repeat part of week 5 this week, and started onto week 6 by the end. Sometimes life gets in the way of getting the run in, but we're still trying our best to get it done as best we can.

We had a surprise 40th birthday to go to on the Saturday night for Shane's sister' partner. We had a great time at it, although you could really feel the heat in the dark pub. Music was great on the night, and I was even pulled up to sing a song myself.

Father's Day was on Sunday so we dropped over a present to Shane's Dad, and my Mum and Dad came up to ours where I put on a lunch for all of us. I had hoped that we would have headed out and I would have been able to put my new picnic basket to use, but Dad really wanted to see how the house was coming along, and see the difference in the garden now that the trees had come down.
He was so impressed with the space, but it's only made me more determined to have more donw with the garden by the next time they get up.

We're expected to have a heatwave next week, so hopefully that happens and it's not just the weather channels blowing it out of proportion. I just love the warm weather so much, and it would really get me in the mood for Italy.


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