Monday, 26 June 2017

What I've Been Up To: Week #25

And the heatwave hit.

This week, the weather was absolutely out of this world. We never really know what to do when it's this nice, but myself and Shane managed to fit in a few outings to make the most of the sun this week.

Nearly all work on the house came to a half, with the exception of finishing off the top layer of the window seat. Now, all that's left to be done is to get a cushion long enough to cover the top part of they seat, and have a few scatter cushions for it too.

Visited Solas Bride in Kildare Town with a school outing. First time seeing the building, and it really is so lovely and modern. I didn't get a chance to fully explore it all, just the room we were in, so I'll have to make sure to call back in and check it out soon again.

We headed over to Emo Court one the evenings to have a stroll around. It's one of my favourite places at the best of times, but with the warm weather, and the lack of people (we got there just as the gate was closing to go in) it really was lovely to just spend some quality time together walking around.
We didn't get the main walk in, just the walk around the house and top garden but it was lovely all the same.

The weather was so glorious at the weekend that we continued on adventuring and headed up to Kilruddery House and Gardens in Bray for an explore. Plenty of ice creams were had along the way, and so many pictures were taken. I took so many that I've actually put them into a separate post which you can find here.

Sunday was the nicest day of all. It's not often Shane gets to surprise me - I either guess what he's up to or I manage to get it out of him, but on Sunday he held firm.

We headed up to Dublin for the day where we walked around the Dublin Flea Market - something I've always wanted to do, got a bit of shopping in and a bite to eat before he revealed the real reason we were there.

Phil Collins was playing in the Aviva Stadium, with Blondie and Mike and The Mechanics for support, and Shane had got us tickets.
I couldn't believe when we pulled up nearby. A great night, with amazing music - I feel so grateful to have been able to go and see them.

One week left now until the Summer holidays from work for me - it'll be interesting to see if it goes fast or drags!


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