Monday, 10 July 2017

Wedding: Our Wedding Video (The Short Version)

So today is a special day - today we have been married for 500 days.

You might be wondering how I know that, but I am kept updated by Shane who had been using a countdown timer on his phone to count down the days to the wedding, and also keeps a count of how many days have passed since then. To celebrate this, I thought I might give you a little glimpse into our wedding day. We were apprehensive at first about hiring a videographer, but after hearing from so many people about how much we'd regret not been able to look back on the day, and seeing moments that we might have missed in the hustle and bustle I'm delighted to say that hiring a videographer turned out to be one of our better decisions.

It was made better by Lukas, who was our videographer for the day. I found Lukas on Facebook, watched some of his videos on Vimeo and fell completely in love with his style of shooting. If you need an amazing momento of your day, you can check out his work here. He's simply amazing, and was the ultimate professional on the day. He worked so well with our photographers that everyone though we had hired all of them together!

We received three copies our wedding video from Lukas, both the long and the short versions of it. It meant that we've been able to keep a copy for ourselves, but also be able to give a copy to both sets of parents.

I got onto Lukas a little while ago, and asked him if he would be able to take our wedding video of private on Vimeo so that I might be able to share it.

If you fancy looking at our big day, click on through on the link below. Don't worry, this is the shorter version (although it still is 20 minutes long), I wouldn't put you through every minute of the longer version. Get a cuppa, a biscuit and we hope you like it as much as we still like looking back through it.


*All photos on this post were taken by our amazing photographer, Olga, who you can find on instagram @weddingartireland or on facebook @mrsredheadphotography - she's the best!

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