Monday, 30 October 2017

Autumn / Halloween Decor

As my husband will tell you, I'm really not the biggest fan of Halloween - probably the wearing of a black bin bag as a vampire / witch costume as a child taking its toll! For me, Christmas is really where it's at. However, Shane on the other hand adores Halloween and all the costume making that comes along with it.

When we moved into the house, I did decide to try and work on injecting a little bit more Halloween spirit into the house as he's such a big fan of it.

 I'm not overly keen of the usual decorations that you find in the shops around this time, but after a lot of careful  searching and two years of keeping an eye out for things that would work in the house at this time of year I think I've managed to create a style of Halloween / Autumn decor that manages to bring a bit of the spirit that he loves in which still managing to stay true to my decorative style.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Autumnal / Halloween Flower Workshop

We finally got our electricity back in the house after the wrath of Storm Ophelia earlier this week, so I decided to celebrate (not with the heating on or a big roast dinner - although I came home to them), by heading into my local library where one of the florists in town put on a lovely Autumn / Halloween inspired flower workshop.