Monday, 30 October 2017

Autumn / Halloween Decor

As my husband will tell you, I'm really not the biggest fan of Halloween - probably the wearing of a black bin bag as a vampire / witch costume as a child taking its toll! For me, Christmas is really where it's at. However, Shane on the other hand adores Halloween and all the costume making that comes along with it.

When we moved into the house, I did decide to try and work on injecting a little bit more Halloween spirit into the house as he's such a big fan of it.

 I'm not overly keen of the usual decorations that you find in the shops around this time, but after a lot of careful  searching and two years of keeping an eye out for things that would work in the house at this time of year I think I've managed to create a style of Halloween / Autumn decor that manages to bring a bit of the spirit that he loves in which still managing to stay true to my decorative style.

I started collecting decorative pumpkins last year, and found some really lovely ones in my local TK Maxx store. They tend to bring them into the shops early enough in August / September so it's worth keeping an eye out around that time as I've found whatever they get in tends to be it. I've managed to pick up some lovely metallic ones, in silver, gold and bronze along with some natural wooden ones too.

This year, I picked up some cute little ones from Dealz, which also double as candle holders - perfect for those darker nights.

We will be bringing in real pumpkins closer to Halloween but as I find they go off so quickly once you cut into them, I'll be holding off on getting them until closer to the time so that we'll be able to carve them over the Halloween break.

I'm a little bit of a candle fanatic and although I love burning my Diptyque and Jo Malone ones on special occasions during the year, I find the tealights from Yankee Candle and Dunnes Stores work well as the darker nights set in, especially if I've got nice holders for them, like the pumpkin ones from Deals and these animal ones from B &Q.

Also, sneaking in my pine cone cloche from last years Winter decoration box - I'm hoping to leave this corner as it is over the next few months apart from the little metallic pumpkin!

Autumn time always reminds me of the different animals people associate with that time of year, so these rabbit tealight holders fit in perfectly with my style.

I've also incorporated the stag as a decorative feature around the house. I haven't managed to find any good, relatively affordable antlers so in the meantime these coat hooks from Heatons brought that little bit of nature into the house. They also tie in well with the stag head wooden piece I upcycled from Aldi, and these lovely pheasant and robin prints which I picked up from my lovely insta friend Hannah (@suffolktractorgirl on IG and - check out her pages, they're just lovely).

I've moved away from my normal spring / summer pallete of pink flowers, and have opted instead for (faux) white roses and (faux) eucalyptus sprigs - just to bring in some botanical interest to our kitchen without it looking too out of place for this time of year.

Of course, the biggest accessory for me at this time of the year is our log burner. There's nothing I like more than relaxing in on a weekend night, with the fire blazing away and creating that cozy vibe that I love so much at this time of the year. Perfect for getting the hot chocolate out in front of too. I'm so glad we decided to get one put into our house this year, and I can't wait to be snuggled up in front of it in the next few months. For now, those pumpkins I had picked up are perfectly situated in front of it.

The final touch this year was to pick up an autumn wreath for our front door. I was so disappointed last year when I discovered they had got them into TKmaxx, but that I had missed out that this year I made it my mission to get one when they came into stores.

I love the colours and textures of the one I picked up, and it was just sheer luck that when I was in HomeSense in Cork a while back that I spotted a matching table centerpiece. I couldn't leave it behind. It also means I've even more space to put candles.

I've also being bringing in Autumn in different ways around the house, not just through the decor, but also through my baking. Over the past few weeks, there's been plenty of apple and blackberry crumbles, proper roast dinners again and I even tried my hand at some gingerbread - which I hadn't made since I was a teenager, but whose flavours always remind me of this time of year.

My monthly manicure has changed from its normal light picks and french polish to a deep red that I think will definitely take me through the months.

And, my wardrobe has fully embraced the autumnal tones that the shops are suggesting. This is my second year to pick up a mustard yellow jacket and I just love how it looks at this time of the year. I loved my jacket from last year but unfortunately with the ever growing baby bump I had to pick up a new one to accommodate it.

If you're reading this and you've any more suggestions on how I could bring Autumn / Halloween even more into our house (in a not so commercial / tacky way) I'd love to know!

In the meantime, I'll be continuing to scour different ways to keep decorating the house in the hope that the pieces I use will bring us through the Winter months as well!


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