Thursday, 19 October 2017

Autumnal / Halloween Flower Workshop

We finally got our electricity back in the house after the wrath of Storm Ophelia earlier this week, so I decided to celebrate (not with the heating on or a big roast dinner - although I came home to them), by heading into my local library where one of the florists in town put on a lovely Autumn / Halloween inspired flower workshop.

I have a post coming up during the weekend where I'll be going through the different ways I've managed to incorporate our house decor for this time of year but it was lovely to get some real life inspiration from someone who knows what they're doing.

The first piece she showed us was a candle holder, and what stood out to me was the fact that this really could be an all year round piece, working around the colours you'd see at that time of year.

 A lot of the leaves she used for this display were spray painted to fit the colours you'd see around at this time of year, and it was lovely to see so many natural elements used to create the holder.

She talked about how the more natural materials you use, the more the piece you are creating can come together. She used medium sized pumpkins to create two very different displays - one very simple piece, using the size of the pumpkin as reference and the second one being a much more varied piece - with lots of different heights and materials. I especially loved the look of the Birds of Prey flower in the taller piece - it just added so much to it.

The last piece that she did was also my favourite. Again, although it was not a very big display I just loved the different flowers and materials in it, the colours that featured in it and I especially loved the use and contrast between the small white pumpkins and the cathedral white roses. Simply gorgeous.

Although, I'll have to give myself a real persuading to try something like this for myself at home, it was a lovely evening out and so interesting to watch an artist at work. I'm already looking forward to the next workshop in November!


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