Thursday, 4 January 2018

Gender Reveal Cake Pops

So far, I've noticed that people love nothing more than to have a good guess at what gender your baby is going to be, and they always have a reason for their guess - ranging from how you are carrying, to your cravings, to the heartbeat of the child.

We decided that we didn't actually want to keep it as a surprise - we wanted to find out what we were having so we could be a little bit more prepared. I have been a little bit nervous going through the pregnancy and so we decided to have both the anomaly scan at 20 weeks and the 3D scan around the 30 week mark. The anomaly scan told us, as well as the good news that everything was looking great with the baby, what the gender of the baby was. However, we have heard stories where sometimes the results aren't fully accurate and so we wanted to wait until the 3D scan to make sure it provided the same result before we shared it with our family and friends.
(In saying that, I was fully convinced I knew what we were carrying, and I did turn out to be correct)!
Yes, we do know it's a little bit kitsch to do a gender reveal nowadays, but it is our first baby and we are extremely excited about it.

We decided to tell our families at Christmas time - just because we knew most people would be there, and so the next thing became how would we do it.
I had looked through different announcements on Instagram and on Pinterest, most of which seemed to involve balloons, confetti and a whole lot of mess. Nothing really seemed like us until I came across gender reveal cakes (mainly because I just love cake)! Now unfortunately, as my family and Shane's family don't live anywhere near each other it didn't make sense to do the cake reveal, as we'd have to prepare two of them, when it hit us - cake pops! We had cake pops at our wedding and everyone had loved them, so what a perfect way to bring it back around to that day than to create our own.

I picked up some cake pop moulds and lollipop sticks from The Range, found a cake pop recipe that seemed straight forward enough, some appropriate food colouring and the baking began.

When they had been cooked and put onto the sticks, we covered them in white icing so no-one could see the colour of the pops themselves, and decorated with some fun sprinkles.

It was so fun sharing the results with our families - getting them to guess before they all bit in, and of course the shouts of excitement when they all found out what it was was so great to hear.

So, without any further ado - the results of our gender reveal, and the little baby that's going to be coming into the world in just a few short weeks is.....

A girl!

We just can't wait to meet her.


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