Monday, 12 February 2018

Exploring: Altamount Gardens

Due date is fast approaching (three days and counting) and in order to keep me occupied and my mind off of what's coming up Shane decided to surprise me by bringing me on a mystery drive.

(There wasn't any need to worry if I had gone early - he had figured out the fastest route to the hospital before we headed off, and my bags were in the boot)!

We headed towards Carlow, but continued on past there. I wouldn't know this part of the country as well, so I really had no idea where we were. We veered off the motorway and headed up a back road before a sign came up just ahead of us - Walled Gardens - my favourite type of garden.

We parked our car up, and I waddled along in. (We didn't realise it was actually pay parking, but luckily our car wasn't clamped when we got back. Maybe the security guard spotted my very preganant self and felt sorry for us)!

We went along in, and the first thing we came to was a little garden center within the grounds. It was great to see the different wares they had for sale there, and I especially loved the many variety of rose bushes they had available.

They also had a little sit down area to get food and drink, although when we got there they had sold out for the day - apparently lots of other people had the same idea as Shane for visiting and they hadn't expected such a crowd.

From there we headed into the gardens themselves.

We took the path which brought us down to the lake and had a leisurely stroll around it. I wasn't able to walk too fast with the movements which i was experiencing but it was such a lovely crisp day out and everything looked just beautiful in the sun that even though I was walking at a snail's pace, I couldn't help but enjoy myself.

Hopefully we'll come back down here in the summer time when the gardens are in full bloom - the three of us.

A totally perfect, what could be our last, weekend with just the two of us.


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