Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Exploring: Brunch at Burtown House and Gardens

We're really after spoiling ourselves this weekend, but we decided to make the most of not needing to cart around a buggy yet and took ourselves to brunch in The Green Barn at Burtown House and Gardens. I've eaten here before. but Shane hadn't so I decided to find out if it was still as good this time round as it had been last year.

Brunch takes place from 10:00 - 12:30, and when we sauntered into the place at 12 it was the perfect time as the Brunch crowd had mostly cleared out and the lunch crowd hadn't turned up yet.

Shane went for an assortment of breads with jam, and I went for the protein packed eggs with salmon and kale on sourdough bread. Yum!

Obviously, after being so healthy we had to indulge in some desserts. Well, one look at the dessert table and how could you not?

Having eaten in the restaurant we were privy to a reduced cost ticket to go around the gardens. With the blue sky above us, and wanting to walk of some of the food we had helped ourselves to, we decided to go for a stroll.

I love visiting here in the Summer especially as most of the flowers are out, but it was still nice to see what the place looked like as Spring was starting to come into view.

And of course, there were snowdrops everywhere.

A little maternity photoshoot. Look how big my bump has got now (although it does help that we had just finished eating)!

A little wander around the old servants houses (which always give me such a want to put stone cladding on our house) and it was time for home.

A very relaxing and indulgent Sunday morning.


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