Monday, 7 May 2018

Exploring: Bluebells and Buskers

What a bank holiday weekend! Such glorious weather. We decided to dedicate some of the time to making a start on cleaning up our garden a little bit, but couldn't justify spending all our time slaving away at it so on the Sunday we headed over to the annual Bluebells and Buskers in Killinthomas Woods in Rathangan.

It seems like most of the county had the same idea as us as when we turned up it was absolutely jam packed! But, even from the car parking area we could hear the noise of acoustic guitars in the distance.

The forest was full to the brim of bluebells...

...and as we went deeper along the route the smell of wild garlic completely filled the air.

As you walked along, every hundred yards or so was a different music act - it felt very surreal walking through a sea of bluebells with all these different genres of music playing.

{My favourite buskers along the route}

Rose was dressed for the occasion in her little flowery dress, complete with much needed sun hat that luckily I had picked up earlier in the week.

Definitely a family day out, as there were scores of children and buggies to navigate past as you walked along. We ended up carrying Rose in her ergobaby carrier which has been a total godsend.

{Twinning in stripes with her Daddy}

What would a walk through the forest be without a burger to enjoy at the end of if (We might have stopped for an ice-cream on the way home after this too - all that walking, you know)!

A first visit for us to the event, but I don't think it'll be our last.


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