Thursday, 7 June 2018

Exploring: Bloom In The Park 2018

Last Thursday, with Rose bundled up in the back of the car I made my way up to the annual Bloom in the Park Festival that's held in the Phoenix Park in Dublin. Last year was my first year at it, and I thought it was just so pretty and lovely that I'd have to go back this year. Technically Rose was with me last year as well as I would have been about two weeks pregnant at the time. It's a little bit more of a challenge getting around the place with a three month old though, especially in the heat.

We're actually experiencing a mini heatwave in Ireland at the moment, so I decided to head up as it opened on the Thursday morning to both escape the crowds and to try and keep myself and the baby a bit chilled. No such luck as it approached 20 C before ten o clock. Luckily, Rose was kept cool in her little floral dress - perfect for the occasion.

As we made our way through the entrance the first display we came across were the Postcard Gardens - miniature gardens, but with plenty of flowers.

I went rather quickly through this part as I was excited to get to the main event - the show gardens. Last year I came away with plenty of ideas for Shane to bring to our garden, and it was the same again this year. The work and time that obviously goes into these displays is just incredible.

This was definitely my favourite piece - I loved the little pathway through it, and the country cottage style feel that the flowers brought to it.

We made our way back through the Walled Garden, my favourite part of the whole exhibition. I just love the different varieties of plants and vegetables they have growing here, and the high walls make you feel like you're wandering through a countryside manor house garden rather than the middle of Dublin.

{Spot the alliums!}

With temperatures starting to hit higher in the midday, I knew it was time to bring Rose home. Really we could have spent the whole day there, if not for the heat.  It definitely tired her out for the rest of the day!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to bring any plants home this year (my hands were full with pushing the buggy!) but I didn't leave completely empty handed - some macarons managed to find their way into my bag.

That's two years in a row now, I'm already looking forward to next year.


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